Information on severe weather is posted on the Ringling College website at and is broadcast on the following local area television and radio stations in the greater Sarasota market:

TV:  WWSB-TV ABC-7 in Sarasota; SNN-TV 6 on Comcast Cable in Sarasota; WFLA-TV 8 and WTVT-TV 13 in Tampa; WTSP-TV 10 in St Petersburg. 

FM RADIO:  WFLZ-93.3; WHPT-102.5; WCTQ 106.5; WSRZ 107.9.


AM RADIO:  The News Station-570; WWRM – WFJO – WDUV – 620; WFLA – 970; WARM – 1320; WENG – 1530; WCCF – 1580.


The Office of Public Safety makes every effort to make the Ringling College community aware of weather warnings as they are issued. In the case of the campus closing and classes being cancelled, the broadcast stations above are alerted to this information, however Ringling College cannot ensure it will be broadcast. The best information source is the College’s website.



When our immediate area is placed under a Tropical Storm Watch or Warning and/or a Hurricane Watch the College’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) will automatically enter an alert status and closely monitor the weather. The President, or his appointee, will confer with the ERT and make decisions regarding the cancellation of classes, closing the college campus and securing facilities, based on the strength, location, and predicted path of the storm.

When our immediate area is placed under a Hurricane Warning, the President may declare a state of emergency, depending on the strength, location, and predicted path of the storm.  If a state of emergency is declared, a mandatory evacuation of campus will normally be initiated, with all offices being closed for non-essential personnel and food service operations discontinued. If a state of emergency is announced and evacuation ordered, the Dean of Students will initiate that evacuation of residential students with the assistance of the Assistant Dean of Students and Housing Coordinator.



Tornado Watch means that tornados are possible, but there is no immediate danger. Remain alert for approaching storms. Tornadoes occasionally develop in areas where a severe thunderstorm watch or warning is in effect.  Remain alert to signs of an approaching tornado and seek shelter if the skies become threatening. 

Tornado Warning means a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar.  Danger exists in these situations and you should move to a place of safety: 

  • The lowest floor interiors (hallways) of a building offer the best protection. 
  • Stay away from glass and windows.
  • Never try to outrun a tornado in your car or truck. Leave the vehicle at once.  Get in a ditch or lie in a low area.
  • All Clear: remain in protected area until “all clear” is announced or relayed by the Office of Public Safety or by your supervisor.


Severe Thunderstorm Watch means severe thunderstorms are possible in the area.  Remain alert for approaching storms. 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning means severe thunderstorms are occurring in the area or indicated by weather radar. Severe thunderstorms may bring damaging winds, flooding rains, hail and lightening.  Stay away from windows and doors during severe thunderstorms.  Lightening poses one of the greatest thunderstorm risks. If lightening is present do not stand close to large trees or anything made of metal.  Stay lower than your surroundings and do not use the telephone unless it is an emergency.