Students have access to the latest tools for digital capture, image manipulation and digital output complemented by a critical awareness of the medium today.

Twenty-first century photography is an instantly recognized form of visual communication. Contemporary photographers have unprecedented artistic freedom and an astonishing range of technological tools to support their efforts. Mastering both digital and traditional photography, students learn to create a personal style, develop themes and market their work. From the creative, controlled environment of a studio shoot to the experiential side of shooting on location, students explore photography from every angle. Students who desire further study or specialization at Ringling College can also pursue concentrations in commercial applications, conceptual practices and digital media courses.


Advertising/Product Photographer

Catalog Photographer

Still Photographer/TV and Film

Photo Editor /Print and Online

Fashion Photographer

Fine Art Photographer

Freelance Photographer

Multimedia Technician

Photo Stock Agency



Action Photographer

Aerial Photographer/Videographer

Animation Studio Photographer

Audiovisual Supervisor

Automotive Photographer

Catalog Creative Manager/Art Direction


Continuity Photographer/TV-Film

Corporate Marketing Photo Producer

Creative Services Coordinator

Digital Image Archivist

Digital Image Retoucher

Digital Photo Press Operator

Document Imaging Technician

Environmental Photographer

Forensic Photographer

Gallery Curator of Photography

Greeting Card Photographer

Home Furnishings Photographer

Indigo Press Operator

Offset Photography Lithographer

Location Photographer

Media Production Specialist

Museum Curator/Photography

Museum Image Archivist

Ophthalmic Photographer

Optics and Photo Lab Manager

Outdoor Signage/Large Format Imaging

Painter/Photo Etch Laser

Pet Photographer

Photo Equipment Sales Coordinator

Photo Finishing Technician

Photo Lab/Mounting and Finishing Tech

Photo Process Engineer

Photo Researcher

Photo Retoucher

Photo Shoot Production Manager

Photo Studio Lab Printer

Photo Studio Marketing and Sales Director

Photo Stylist

Photo Traffic Manager/Magazines

Photo/Video Sales Manager

Photography Archivist

Photography Historian

Photolithography Engineer

Portrait Photographer

Product Display Photographer

Promotional Photographer

Prop Background Coordinator/Retail

Prop Stylist/Magazine Photography

Real Estate Photographer

Scientific Photographer

Sports Photographer

Staff Photographer (Magazines, Newspapers, Publications)

Still Set Photographer/Film

Surveillance Photographer/Field Investigator

Travel Photographer

Underwater Photographer

Video Photographer

Visual Merchandising Corporate Stylist

Web Picture Archive Manager

Web Photography Specialist

Wedding Photographer