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Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Test

You must complete all the questions. A passing score of 8 out of 10 or greater is required. Click "Submit" at the end of the quiz to submit your responses.


1. If the regulator to an oxygen cylinder is difficult to thread, you should:
2. If you find a compressed gas cylinder without a label, you should:
3. It is safe to conduct minor repairs on the valves of cylinders containing "harmless" gases.
4. Cylinders may safely be secured by:
5. When equipment is left unattended or not operating, cylinder valves should always be:
6. Oxygen cylinder valves should be opened all the way.
7. Which type of cylinder should never be stored on its side?
8. Cylinders containing flammable gases shall not be stored near:
9. It is acceptable to use plastic piping for parts of a high pressure system.
10. Cylinders should never be rolled or dragged