Back Safety and Safe Lifting Post Training Quiz

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This is an open book quiz - Refer to the PowerPoint presentation if required.

1. To prevent back injuries, use your leg muscles to lift and avoid twisting your body.
2. It is safer for your back to pull a load rather than push it.
3. Performing quick sudden movements while lifting are more likely to cause injury than slow deliberate movements.
4. A load held away from the body increases the pressure on the lower back.
5. The working environment does not affect the risk assessment of a lift; i.e. poor lighting or uneven flooring.
6. Frequent short breaks are better than infrequent longer breaks.
7. What is the most at-risk part of your body when you are lifting?
8. What is the best technique for lifting?
9. What is the best way to avoid injury while carrying?
10. The spine is comprised of vertebrae separated by discs. Which statement regarding the discs is true?
11. By age 50 approximately what percentage of Americans will suffer with at least one back injury?
12. Which of the following injuries can occur when lifting incorrectly?