Janine Hoffman


Janine received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Long Island University at C.W. Post. After working for some time as a comic book illustrator, she found herself at a crossroad. She decided to take the road she had always wanted to travel, and that was to draw the form of the athlete.  Colored pencil is a medium Janine never learned but instinctively grew to love. It suits her illustrative tendencies and helps her capture the essence of what she sees. Janine can build, almost sculpturally, the faces and muscles in a way in painting can’t achieve. If I had to name an artist that is most inspirational to me, it has always been Michelangelo. It is also the legacy that classical Greek art left us; finding glory in depicting what was the most beautiful and perfect in creation, the human form honed by an athlete. It is what I hope my art is: strength, beauty and grace.  My work has been exhibited and sold in New York, Texas and Florida, and can be viewed at the Tom James/Raymond James Financial Art Collection in Clearwater, Florida. She is currently a member of the Main Street gallery, Art Uptown, in Sarasota where my work is also shown year round. Publications I have appeared include Beckett monthly as well as various independent comics including the self-published ‘Steele Destinies’.