Heat Stress Prevention Quiz

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1. Heat stress is caused by (mark three correct answers):
2. The “heat index” number is higher that normal temperature due to relative humidity?
3. When normal cooling of the body fails, the body center temperature rises?
4. Heat exhaustion is a worse condition that heat stroke?
5. At the minor risk stage of heat stress, it is essential to obtain medical help?
6. Risk factors for heat stress include: unaccustomed to heat, lack of nutrition or dehydration?
7. A low salt diet or a depletion of salts from the body can cause cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke?
8. A regular intake of water or sports drinks can help to prevent heat stress:
9. Scheduled breaks should be taken in the sun to warm up the body’s core temperature?
10. Over 20% of those who suffer a heat stroke die?