The Ringling College of Art and Design Recreation and Wellness program seeks to provide the very best opportunities aimed at promoting and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.  By providing a variety of specially-sculpted group fitness to choose from, we believe that we can meet the needs of each and every individual regardless of "athletic" capabilities.   From the very basic beginner to the advanced extremist, we offer a class for you!  Whether you want to increase your cardiovascular endurance, increase your lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, decrease stress, or just add a little spice to your life, we can help you!

Please refer to this website regarding the Susan Palmer Group Fitness Class Schedule. The Group Fitness Calendar will be up to date and any class changes or cancellations will be reflected on the calendar below.


Fall 2015 Class Schedule Coming Soon


Note: Summer Yoga classes after work will continue through August 7 per the calendar. However, it might start later than other Fall classes due to the time to hire a new instructor. Please refer to this calendar for the most up to date schedule.




Class Changes and Cancellation Notifications

Unfortunately, sometimes classes are cancelled or changed due to various reasons. Cancellation emails will no longer be sent through the campus announcement system. However, you are able to receive calendar notifications regarding the classes if you follow the steps below to add the Group Fitness calendar to your calendar. By adding the calendar and turning on email notifications, you will be notified of any changes or cancellations to the calendar.

1. Click on the plus sign in the lower right corner of the Google calendar. This will add this calendar to your calendars on your calendars in google.

2. Refer to google instructions here based on what device you are using, for how to turn on notifications you would like to receive.



Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Venessa (

Vinyasa Flow Yoga uses movement of physical postures and breathing exercise to find the internal stillness in the mind.  It aims to purify the body as a tool for inner exploration.  Move, sweat, strengthen, and stretch.  Cultivate overall stamina, strength, and flexibility, while gaining focus and peace of mind.  Learn to breathe and move gracefully using traditional yoga postures to help heat and stretch the body comfortably.  Modifications for beginners and options for advanced students are provided throughout the class.  This class is performed to focus on alignment! 


Yoga with Ami (

Ami French has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She received her Teaching Certification from the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Madurai, India in 2009. Sivananda is classical Hatha Yoga based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda, his disciple Swami Vishnu Devananda and the “5 Points of Yoga for Healthy Living”; Proper Exercise (yoga asana), Proper Breathing (pranayama), Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet and Positive Thinking & Meditation. Her decision to train in India was based on a desire to learn traditional yoga with an equal emphasis on Mind, Body & Spirit. She has noticed immeasurable changes throughout the years as her practice evolves and grows helping her to face life’s challenges with a profound inner peace and physical strength.