Mural Painting


    Every year students at the Ringling College volunteer their artistic talent by painting several mural projects. Volunteer murals are partnerships between the College and the agency benefiting from the service, though sometimes other agencies or business are involved as well. Ringling College students donate their time and talent to paint the murals, and the benefiting agency, or partnering businesses, donate food and drink for the volunteers, paint, and other supplies.   Murals have been done at a variety of sites that serve a variety of populations: the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Salvation Army Center of Hope, the Domestic Violence rooms at the Clerk of Circuit Court, an Alzheimer’s unit, and during Orientation each year.

    If your non-profit organization would like to request a mural from Ringling College student volunteers, please complete and return this form.

    Ringling College students paint an average of 5,000 square feet of murals for the local community each year!


    Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Glass Fellowship 2011

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    Roy McBean Boys and Girls Club

    Designed by Reggie Hope, Illustration, '05 Graduate

    Mural at the Salvation Army Center of Hope

    Mural at the Clerk of Circuit Court

    Domestic Violence Area

    Memory Garden at the Anchin Pavilion

    Kobernick House