Greg Marra

Gregory William Marra master sculptor is dedicating his life towards the pursuit of classical historical statuary to be honored in the United States of America, and other countries. After receiving a B.F.A. in 1998 at The University of Hartford, he studied in The Tirolean region of northern Italy. There he delved into the Renaissance art of Tuscany and the history of Europe. Once returning he extended his education to the master’s degree level, where he received an M.F.A. in 2001, at the New York Academy of Figurative Arts in Manhattan. Once again Marra decided it was time to return to the old world to learn with the great masters of Europe. Living in Vienna he practiced his art and taught at Webster University an international program next to the U.N., Living a total of 3 years in Austria and a year in Slovakia. He would often draw Antonio Canova’s work and visited many archeological sites to get inspiration. Marra also returned with a sense of Patriotism for his country which is unparalleled by any one in his trade. Today Mr. Marra has several large commissions in progress for Pennsylvania, Florida and West Virginia and D.C. Greg is endorsed by congressman and senators from each state as well as the Chase gallery who represents Frederick Harts work. He is working on these statues in Sarasota Florida, because he believes this city is sculpture mecca with super positive energy. The light and warmth in the subtropics of Sarasota make the artist more prolific and positive. Greg Marra's determination to teach well, sculpt well and always strive for big goals is his greatest strength, as well as his ability to relate to everyone. Greg Marra has recently been inspired to start the Gulf Coast Sculpture Atelier where he will share his gifts talents and secrets with his students.