Travel Sketchbooking Supply List:  

  • 5” x 8” sketchbook (or larger, but, please consider size and portability)
  • Soft pencil
  • Gum eraser

Two brush pens will be provided.

Landscapes Watercolor Supply List:

Use whatever you are happy with. My kit includes:


  • 140# ARCHES cold press paper.  I will work on a half sheet.  (15”x 22”) Bring an extra sheet or two. 


  • Any hard surface cut to 1” larger than the dimensions of your paper.


  • Any palette with a cover and a large mixing area.  I use a PIKE palette in the field and a ceramic in the studio.


  • I use mostly HOLBEIN tubes with some DANIEL SMITH and WINSOR NEWTON colors.  

                      I carry:  lemon yellow, new gamboge, raw sienna, raw 
                      umber , burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, permanent rose,
                      cadmium red, sap green, undersea green, cerulean blue, 
                      cobalt blue,  ultramarine blue, Prussian blue , brown


  • Flats: 2”, 1”, ¼   Rounds:  #8 and a “rigger”. I also have a ¾” angle cut brush by LOEW CORNELL


  • Sketch book
  • 2B pencils
  • Gum eraser
  • Sponge
  • Water container
  • Camera