Supply List:



  • Bring your own photographs or sketches. Please, no magazine photos or photos that you did not shoot yourself. I do not supply reference photos.


  • Any professional grade watercolor paint in the tube, like Winsor Newton, M. Graham, or Holbein. Paint that has dried in the palette does not work for pouring.


  • You’ll need some good large brushes in the range of 1” and 2” and an assortment of smaller brushes. Bring whatever you have. 


    • A rigid surface watercolor paper will be supplied as part of the fee you paid. You may also bring full or half sheets of Arches cold press, 140#.
    • Scraps of watercolor paper or backs of castoff paintings
    • Tracing paper
    • Graphite transfer paper
    • At least 2 support boards that are bigger than your paper & will accept staples. Gator board is lightweight and works well. Regular foam core does not work. Taping does not work. 


    • Table cover, waterproof
    • ***Incredible Mask ***masking fluid (this is the best brand. You may have trouble removing other brands) Whatever your brand, test it before the workshop to see if it is fresh and performing well. If not, be sure to get some new mask.
    • old brushes and tools for applying mask
    • rubber cement pick-up for removing mask
    • covered palette
    • stapler & staples
    • masking tape (natural colored, not blue or green)
    • pencils, kneaded eraser, sketching materials
    • water container
    • X-acto knife
    • paper towels
    • baby food-type jars or small plastic cups for pouring
    • plastic spoons or stir sticks
    • spray bottle(s) with a trigger
    • wide bucket or basin to capture the run-off


    • 2 – 3” Hake brush
    • cheap sponge brushes
    • Mr Clean Magic Eraser
    • hair dryer to share
    • squirt bottles and eye droppers
    • old toothbrush
    • staple-puller
    • Miscellaneous items for printing texture such as rubber shelf liner,
      bubble wrap, rubber stamps, plastic wrap, old lace & netting, corduroy, etc 
    • latex gloves
    • digital camera, laptop or iPad