For photographers of all experience levels - join us for one of our new digital photography courses in our newly equipped lab at LBKCA! Depending on your skill level, instructor James Corwin Johnson will lead courses explaining the mechanics of the camera all the way to professional editing and completion of a photograph. 

Enjoy one of our 4 week courses or stop into our once a month intro class that covers the basics and potential of the camera.

Tuesday, March 10, and April 7
11 am-1 pm
$50 for two hour class

This two hour session will be held once a month to introduce students to the possibilities of modern photography and the camera. We will explore the basics of digital photography and the mechanics and various functions of the digital camera, while also letting students know what avenues they can choose to explore further.

Students will leave the class with the ability to take better pictures either for fun or as a hobby. You will discover what it takes to photograph artwork for a competition or personal use, such as restoring old family photos. 

In addition to how to take a professional picture, students will touch on the capabilities of photo editing and programs available, as well as discover what to do with images once they are taken, including storing, saving, resizing, and editing. 

Register at 941.383.2345 or lbkca@ringling.edu.

Tues, Mar 10, 17, 24, 31
$150 for 4 week session

This four week course will cover the principles of photography including composition, camera operation, metering and exposure, advanced point and shoot techniques, scene modes, program vs. automatic modes, and explore the language of photography.

It is important when buying and using a camera to understand its array of capabilities to get the most out of any camera you buy. This class will give students the foundation, complete with design principles, to build upon to become better photographers.

Register at 941.383.2345 or lbkca@ringling.edu.

Thurs Mar 5, 12, 19, & 26
$150 for four week session

This four week class is designed for the photographer with a solid understanding of the camera including program modes and manual, ISO settings.

In this class, we will explore more advanced techniques including metering and exposure control, flash operation and control of ratios, exposure, composition, and white balance.

Each class will also include a class critique to learn from your classmates and understand the assignments from another perspective.

Students will have the opportunity to work in the field and, under the guidance of James, practice the principles and advanced techniques taught in the classroom. Following the shoot, students will return to the new photography lab to learn photo editing techniques and gain control over the outcome of their final work.

The class is 50% shooting, hands on work and 50% in the lab.

Fri Mar 6, 13, 20, 27
$150 for four week session

The most advanced class of the series, this course will cover more information on the development of approach and technique.

Students will learn about advanced photo applications such as Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, Photomatix and more and discover the digital darkroom and its capabilities. Today many of these applications offer enhancement capabilities beyond your wildest imagination.

In addition to image enhancement, we will cover the use of filters, flash, and graduated filters on the camera and through programs. Filters, both physical and virtual are used to control exposure and a valuable tool for any student.

This class will demonstrate how to visualize the potential of your work and then how to make your vision a reality.

Register at 941.383.2345 or lbkca@ringling.edu.