Peter Carlson

Peter Carlson has graduated with his B.F.A. in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design in May 2011 and is currently living in his studio/home located in Downtown Sarasota.  Peter specializes in Figurative Art, with a particular focus on Traditional Drawing. Peter also has extensive digital illustration, animation, hand drawn typography, web design and paper craft experience that he demonstrates in his personal and freelance work.

From a young age he has been interested in painting and drawing, inventing imaginary figures, landscapes, and other compositions in whatever media was available. When he reached the age of seventeen he received a scholarship to the Maryland Institute College of Art Summer Pre College program. This program influenced him greatly and eventually led him to pursue his passion as an Illustrator.

While attending Ringling he developed his familiarity with the human form. At the same time he began to study the old masters extensively, copying many master drawings and paintings in an attempt to absorb some of the spirit of their work, as well as more specific technical lessons to be gained from these artists. During his time at the Ringling he exhibited his work in multiple Illustration competitions juried by world renowned artists including: Andrew Hem, Greg Manchess, Irene Gallo and more.

Peter has a great appreciation for highly realist painting as well as more loose expressive gestural work. He enjoys the challenge of accurate drawing, as well as the beautiful transparent qualities of paint and spontaneous brushwork. He has been influenced by many different painters and techniques, and the qualities of color, drawing, and surface in his paintings reflect artists from Phil Hale, to Alan E. Cober, to Bernie Fuchs. Peter loves to share and communicate new ideas and techniques in his never ending journey as an artist.