Longboat Key Center for the Arts (LBKCA) has been a predominant cultural institution on Longboat Key for almost 60 years. In 2007 the LBKCA Executive Board approached Ringling College of Art and Design (RCAD) to propose merging with the art center in order to remain financially viable. This request was positively received by the College. During the last 4 years RCAD has assumed all debt, operational costs, facility repairs, renovation expenses, and replacement of key infrastructural mechanics to ensure LBKCA’s success.  To do so, RCAD has invested its precious capital normally directed towards our degree seeking students to stabilize this facility and its operation on Longboat Key. 

It is increasingly important for LBKCA students, visitors and guests to recognize the value and vitality this cultural institution brings to our area and to individuals in our community. We encourage your appreciation by becoming a LBKCA Member. Your tax deductible Membership and/or donation supports the creative programming offered at LBKCA. This is a gift that will “keep on giving” for you and the many people who experience and enjoy our creative and cultural offerings at Longboat Key Center for the Arts. 

We’re fortunate to live, work and play in a community where the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico enriches our lives and the arts, that inspire and elevate our senses, are supported and appreciated.  Longboat Key Center for the Arts and Ringling College of Art and Design care deeply about how the arts shape and define who we are and who we will be in the future. Through RCAD degree programs and LBKCA community arts opportunities, we are leaders shaping the cultural landscape in our community as well as influencing our future through creative thought and design practices. 

Won’t you support LBKCA by becoming a Member?
 Your financial gift will ensure creativity and culture flourishes on Longboat Key as well as demonstrates your support of educational opportunities for artists and designers of all ages to imagine and innovate a positive and productive future.

Please help us protect this valuable resource on LBK by considering the various levels of Membership below:

$100  Education Membership

$125  LBKCA Membership

$500  Busines Membership


All members will receive special recognition by Ringling College and Longboat Key Center for the Arts with invitations to special events, exhibitions, educational opportunities, and listings in various media and magazine publications.

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