Congratulations to the Winners of our Sticks and Clicks Competition!

From January 7 – 26, 2013, professional and amateur photographers of all ages were invited to visit the historic Sarasota High School site to capture images of Patrick Dougherty at work. We received 462 entries to the Sticks and Clicks Competition and were amazed by the variety and creativity in the submissions we received. 

SMOA brought artist Patrick Dougherty to Sarasota to create his 239th sculpture on the front lawn and we became ‘the talk of the town’. We increased community awareness about SMOA, engaged the community in the project because over 100 volunteers participated and gave people a sense of what they have to look forward to once SMOA and Ringling College transform the 57,000 sq ft historic Sarasota High School into a new, bustling visual arts destination that will become the future home of the Sarasota Museum of Art…where Ringling College faculty will also be offering classes for children and adults.

The photo competition was created so that people of all ages could participate in the Dougherty project. People would come to this site, get intrigued about the sculpture, inspired by its uniqueness and while looking through the lens of their camera capture creative, imaginative photos while Patrick and the volunteers were busy bringing the sculpture to life.

Elementary school, middle school, high school, and college student along with the entire community were invited to participate in this competition. No fees were charged. Many thanks go to all participants for their wonderful photography submissions.


Ricky Perrone (Amateur) | “Silent Village”

Prizes were awarded in three categories: Student, Amateur, and Professional

  • Student: Participants age 18 years or younger. Student photos will be judged in three age groups: 1) up to 10; 2) ages 11-14; 3) ages 15-18.
  • Amateur: Participants age 18 years or older who do not earn the majority of their income from the production or sale of photographs. Prize-winnings from other photography contests do not preclude a contestant from entering as an amateur.
  • Professional: Participants age 18 years or older who earn more than 50% of their income from the production or sale of photographs.

STUDENTS 10 and Under

1st Prize | Summer Grady | “The Three Little Pigs”
2nd Prize | Summer Grady | “Spiral Sunshine”
3rd Prize | Valerie Van Cleave | “Circus of Sticks”
Honorable Mention | Valeria Boxley | “Twig Giant”


1st Prize | Connor McLeod | “The Star of Art”
2nd Prize | Libby Grimond | “Clouds”
3rd Prize | Kaitlyn Siegel | “Reflecting”
Honorable Mention | Myra Singh | “Up into the sky”


1st Prize | Sierra VanSuch | “Cloudy Night”
2nd Prize | Julia Bellanger | “Sculpture In A Frame”
3rd Prize | Jessie Hernandez | “Black and White Twigs”
Honorable Mention | Julia Bellanger | “Sculpture In A Vase”


1st Prize | Robert Koske | “Untitled 3”
2nd Prize | Nick Lennon | “Sun Dipped Tips”
3rd Prize | Margo Cook | “Eye See You”
Honorable Mention | Sharon Burde | “Setting Sun Day One”


1st Place | Kevin Moore, “The Moonlit Webs We Weave”
2nd Place | Matt Allison | "SMOA Sticks"
3rd Place | Peter Acker | “Psalacantha Rising”
Honorable Mention | Aleksandr Gleyzer | "Volochs" (Волохи)

First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention prizes were awarded in the Professional and Amateur categories and in each of the student age groups. 

Grand Prize
One $1,000 Grand Prize winner was elected from all submissions received. The Grand Prize Winner also received a copy of the book Stickworks about the work of sculptor Patrick Dougherty.

First, Second, Third, and Two Honorable Mentions were awarded in each age group.

1st – Award valued at $150 and a copy of the book Stickworks about the work of sculptor Patrick Dougherty
2nd – Award valued at $100 
3rd – Award valued at $75
Honorable Mentions – Award valued at $50

Professional and Amateur
First, Second, Third and Honorable Mentions were awarded in each category.

1st – Cash and prizes valued at $500 and a copy of the book Stickworks about the work of sculptor Patrick Dougherty
2nd – Cash and prizes valued at $250
3rd – Cash and prizes valued at $100
Honorable Mention – Prize valued at $50 



Thank you to Chairperson, Kristi Bundrant for her leadership and commitment along with her committee members and the Ringling College staff who all put in many hours to make certain that every detail was covered.

This wonderful program could not have happened without the generosity of the Sticks and Clicks sponsors:

• The Fine Arts Society of Sarasota (FASS) for the grant for the student awards
• Art and Frame of Sarasota for the Honorable Mention awards
• Anonymous donor for the continuous support and generosity to SMOA

Thank you to the Jurors who are all award winning professionals in the field of photography. They gave many hours of their valuable time to judge and attend the Awards Ceremony:

• Herb Booth
• Dick Dickinson
• Anju Kalkumi

Thank you to Dr. Larry Thompson, President of Ringling College for all of his support.

A ‘special’ acknowledgement and thank you to the SMOA Board of Directors for their foresight in bringing Patrick Dougherty to Sarasota and initiating interesting and inclusive Outreach Programs during the Dougherty project including this Sticks and Clicks Photo Competition.

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