Art is for everyone…
In art we can see what is or imagine what could be. With an artist’s touch, something old and treasured can become new and exciting. With an artist’s vision, even an historic school building, long empty, can be transformed into a unique, vibrant cultural institution—a place to experience and explore art in action.

A place for the community made possible by the community...
Transforming Sarasota High School into the new Sarasota Museum of Art/SMOA and Ringling College Visual Arts Education Center will return an iconic architectural structure to a place of prominence and stature in the community. It will provide a concrete connection to the school’s past while honoring its original function and place in the community. As a bold new art education center, it will be the hub of art for the artistic thinkers, creators, innovators, and designers of our community.

Three floors of creative engagement await you…
On the first and third floors you will find the new home for Ringling College Continuing Studies and Special Programs. Here you can take advantage of opportunities to learn from distinguished Ringling College faculty. Perhaps you will take classes in sculpture, drawing, printmaking or painting. Maybe you will learn digital arts, photography or interior design.

Or you might choose to engage in seminars and lectures by regional and national artists, scholars, curators, historians, and critics. Two working artists’ studios will offer yet another inimitable learning experience on the ground floor.

Travel to the second floor where the Sarasota Museum of Art/SMOA will serve as a destination for art enthusiasts. Find yourself captivated by extraordinary exhibits of modern and contemporary art. With several distinct gallery spaces, SMOA will be able to exhibit innovative, thought-provoking collections of both well-known and emerging artists.

Learn more about art of the 20th and 21st centuries through SMOA workshops, docent tours, classes, and educational programs, such as ARTmuse. Be enthralled by the visual impact of a glass-enclosed bridge and overlooks that allow you to view the first floor studios, putting you in touch with working artists in the midst of creation even as you are surrounded by finished works of art.

Explore the third floor studios to watch more artists or artists-in-residence as they create new works—artists who are fueling the creative engine of the 21st Century. From this vantage point atop Sarasota’s premier destination for meaningful, rewarding and inspiring educational experiences, you may gain a new perspective on art.

Throughout the building, every activity will be a link to the artistic world—studying, creating, viewing, and experiencing the artistic process. Indeed, the entire campus will be designed to enhance the artistic senses. All this and more will be waiting for you.

Today, all you may see is a shell with a Collegiate Gothic façade. We invite you to envision the building of tomorrow—a place that will re-charge the community with the vitality and energy of artistic endeavor and accomplishment.



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