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June 21 - July 18, 2015
June 26 - July 23, 2016

JUMP START your future and see for yourself what it’s like to study, live and create at one of the nation's most prestigious college of art and design. PreCollege Perspective offers talented high school students a chance to live the art school experience and take on the rigors of a college-level visual arts curriculum.

PreCollege Perspective 2015 [pdf brochure to download]
PreCollege Perspective Online Application We follow a rolling-admissions process and are continuing to accept applications through Spring 2015.

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CONGRATULATIONS! to the 2014 winners of $5000 Presidential Scholarships for Academic Excellence and $5000 Student Leadership Initiative Scholarships.

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships: David Klos, Paola Moctezume, Yun Kyung (Dash) Park and Franco Zacharzewski.
  • Student Leadership Initiative Scholarships: Michelle Diaz and Jamiel Law.

Congratulations also to all those recognized for Academic Honors:  Megan Hancock, Laura Hand, Soohyun Kwak, Emma McKeon-White, Justin Miller, Remitri Roggio, Alexandra Shaulis, and Emelie Thomas.

What is PreCollege at Ringling College of Art and Design?
Students from around the country and abroad come together to study the arts in a four-week intensive, residential program while earning college credit.  They live together, learn together, and experience a summer of discovery, growth and exploration.  

The PreCollege Perspective Program offers the best parts of the art college experience: in-depth studio instruction in five fundamental art and design courses, major-specific immersions in chosen areas of media study, and exciting social activities that balance your summer studies with fun on a beautiful Southwest Florida campus.

You’ll leave with an understanding of college-level work, a stronger portfolio for college admission and scholarships, and lasting friendships with others who share your passion for the arts.  Your PreCollege experience will help bring into focus your long-term career goals as an artist or designer.

From Here to There
The PreCollege Perspective Program is an unforgettable summer experience designed 
to help you succeed with your transition to college. We give you the tools for a strong 
portfolio of work, opening doors to college admissions, scholarships, and other long-term career goals.  Representatives from Admissions and the Center for Career Services walk 
you through the steps of portfolio preparation and the college application process.  They 
are available to provide information and answer your questions about future 
career options in art and design.  The PreCollege program is "graded" on a satisfactory / unsatisfactory basis for the granting of academic credit, but at the completion of the program, you will receive an assessment from all seven of your instructors, with 
suggestions for improvement and refinement, as well as recommendations 
for inspiration.

Student Exhibition and PreCollege Awards
PreCollege culminates in a student exhibition for family and friends and a final certificate ceremony where students are recognized for their accomplishments.  Top students from PreCollege Perspective are awarded a $5,000 scholarship toward their first-year tuition 
at Ringling College of Art and Design.  In 2014, we awarded $5000 Presidential
Scholarships for Academic Excellence to those with the highest academic achievement,
and two additional $5,000 Student Life Leadership Initiative Scholarships.

Click Here to Discover Ringling.  Want to get an up-close and personal look inside the Ringling College campus?  Listen to current degree-program students as they talk about 
life both in and out of class and explore Sarasota.

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