Unleash your potential. 
PreCollege weekday mornings begin with required studio courses focusing on art and design fundamentals.  These courses develop the foundation skills necessary for higher education in the visual arts. You’ll be introduced to Ringling’s foundational courses: Drawing, Life Study, 2D: Color and Digital Processes, 3D Design, and 4D: Art in Motion. Guided by Ringling College teachers who are leaders in their fields, you’ll explore dynamic projects that open doors to new ideas and broaden your artistic vision. Expect to experiment, take risks and make mistakes. These mistakes, and the lessons they carry, will build your knowledge of materials and technique, and strengthen your ability to think critically when presented with visual problems.

In the afternoon, you’ll apply the skills and concepts introduced in the fundamental studio courses to intensive PreCollege Immersions.  These workshops allow you to explore the Ringling’s majors in depth.  Immersions meet twice weekly and include directed open studio time. [Click on links below to see work by students in the majors.]  You might choose to take workshops within one discipline, or experiment with multiple majors for exposure to varied approaches and mediums. Immersions give you a chance to “try on” focused areas of study in the media arts, design arts, and studio arts, and give you a taste of a Ringling College major. You’ll develop your artistic voice, and build your observational, technical and analytical skills. During the process, you’ll ask yourself, “Is this really right for me?”  Your experience will confirm you’re on the right track, or may lead you to look further. Wherever your PreCollege experience leads you, you’ll have Ringling College teachers and student teaching assistants offering valuable guidance every step of the way.

Through critiques with faculty, guest artists, teaching assistants and peers, you’ll learn how to analyze and discuss your work and the work of others in a supportive setting. Focused dialog and evaluations will help you to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your artistic practice.  And those discoveries will bring you to the next challenge: applying what you learn to what you do. 

Advertising Design

Business of Art and Design

Computer Animation


Fine Arts (including Painting; Printmaking; Sculpture)

Game Art

Graphic Design


Interior Design

Motion Design

Photography & Imaging

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