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SPRING ART WEEK: March 8-16, 2014

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to study with notable visiting or emerging artists in these intensive workshops held during Ringling College of Art and Design’s Spring Break.  Our Spring Art Week workshops are open to the public.  High School students are welcome to attend all courses and workshops offered by Continuing Studies and Special Programs.  

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Traditional Figure Drawing: Anatomy & Construction
Glenn Vilppu, Visiting Artist
VDRW920, 5 sessions, M-F, 9 AM-12:30 PM, March 10-14
(undraped and draped models)
Join this Glenn Vilppu master class and learn his traditional Renaissance approach to figure drawing, internationally recognized as the Vilppu Method. His simple technique will allow you to understand the construction of the human figure so intimately that you can draw the figure in any position from memory. His methodology is applicable whether your direction is fine art, illustration, computer or traditional animation. Previous drawing experience required. 

Drawing the Head, Hands, and Feet
Glenn Vilppu, Visiting Artist
VDRW910, 5 sessions, M-F, 1:30-5 PM, March 10-14
Learn master artist Glenn Vilppu’s structural approach to head drawing, constructing the head through an understanding of anatomy and planes. Study also includes a focus on clothing and drapery, with both short and long poses. Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of expression and drapery, and how to capture them in a quick sketch. Previous drawing experience required. 

Full Figure in Clay
Philippe Faraut, Visiting Artist
VSC301, 3 sessions, F/SA/SU, 9 AM-4 PM, March 14-16
(undraped models)
This seminar includes lectures on anatomy, emphasizing bone structure, and discussions on expression, ethnic differences and body language. Three days of intensive work are spent on sculpting exercises in water-based clay of the nude figure with step-by-step, one-on-one instruction. Study from models and numerous exercises are used to assist students in understanding the intricacies of modeling the human face and figure. Though participants are welcome to keep any projects worked on during the seminar, the goal is not to work toward the completion of a single finished piece, but rather to provide students the opportunity to experiment on numerous small studies.

Charles Reid Watercolor Workshop
Charles Reid, Visiting Artist
VWC830, 5 sessions, M-F, 9:15 AM-3:30 PM, March 10-14
(undraped and draped models)
Treat yourself to a weeklong, all-day workshop with internationally known watercolor artist, Charles Reid. This highly sought-after course focuses on rendering the figure in a gestural manner, in the context of capturing the light as much as the model. Learn to simplify and avoid overworking, concentrate on interconnecting shapes, and practice “Direct Painting”. Reid has taught and exhibited internationally, authored eleven books on painting, and is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards. Enroll early. Seating is limited. 

Encaustic Painting

Elena De La Ville
VPTW824, 3 sessions, M-W, 10 AM-4 PM, March 10-12


Encaustic (hot wax) painting is an ancient medium, first used by the Greeks, that has gained popularity with contemporary artists. A permanent and non-toxic medium encaustic often results in exquisite, luminous painting effects. Daily demonstrations are followed by hands-on studio practice. Learn about suitable grounds supports, encaustic materials, combining encaustic and oil sticks, tools for surface incising, and stencils. This intensive course is designed for all levels of beginning, intermediate, and advanced painters, as well as those familiar with encaustic. The returning encaustic student will be guided to develop and expand upon a personal style and theme, resulting in an integrated body of work. Tuition covers all encaustic and oil stick materials and supports. Member benefits or promotional savings are not applicable. (Certificate Program Code: FE) 

Painting with a loose brush...
Lucy Barber
PT205, March 8-16, 
4 sessions, SA+SU, 9 AM-4 PM

This painting workshop is about seeing color, building composition and breathing life into a painting. Carefully observing color in still life set-ups, students place “spots” of color in loose patches of paint. Then we’ll begin to “draw” with paint by mapping out proportions in the composition. Through one-on-one demonstrations, discussion, and in-studio practice, students will experience a sense of creative play, will be inventive, and have fun in the process.  Beginning and experienced painters are welcome; a working knowledge of drawing, color, and oil paints is helpful. (Certificate Program Code: FR, FE, GE, IE)

Character Design (ages 11 and up)
Michael White
IL120, 3 session, M-W, 11:30 AM-4:30 PM
, March 10-12

This class is for anyone who loves to draw characters, regardless of skill level. Through fun exercises that strengthen your conceptual ability and skills, create and develop many characters: humans, animals, super heroes, and characters for video games, illustrations, and more. Begin to develop a character layout sheet or comic strip. Brainstorming of story and ideas will be emphasized. (Certificate Program Code: FE, GE)

Mixed Media: Creative Exploration

Joseph Loccisano

MM201, 2 sessions, SA & SU, 11:30 AM-4:30 PM, March 15-16

Gain practical knowledge and experience through exploration that inspires artists of all skill levels to be creative. Hands-on exercises will push you beyond artistic boundaries to instill confidence and guide you toward discovery. Broaden your artistic vision through thought-provoking mixed media experimentation to create original artwork unlike anything you’ve done in the past. Come expecting to learn, be inspired, and have fun! This is an excellent course for all skill levels. (Certificate Program Code: FE)

Digital Photography: Painting with Light
Omar Otero
5 sessions, M-F, 9 AM-12 Noon
 March 10-14
Discover the impact of light. In this fun, hands-on workshop, the focus will be on capturing the essence of your subject shooting in natural and artificial light.
 Through demonstrations of low-light photography including ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, the use of ambient light will be emphasized. Students will learn about lighting, posing, depth of field, composition, impact, and how to use Photoshop as an enhancement tool in photography. Students must bring a digital SLR camera and instruction booklet and must have read the booklet before coming to class. Prerequisites: Basic computer skills.  (Certificate Program Code: FE, GE, PE)

Intro to InDesign

Bonnie Hammer
CG160, 5 sessions, M-F, 9 AM-3:30 PM
, March 10-14

Adobe InDesign is the professional designers’ graphics software. It can be used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, and portfolios. This class focuses on learning the basics of graphic design and creating an aesthetically pleasing layout and display of your project. Eight or more portfolio/examples of art required.  Prerequisites: Basic computer skills required, see Introduction to the Macintosh. Basic Photoshop or Illustrator knowledge is desirable but not required. The class time includes a 30-minute lunch break daily. (Certificate Program Code:  GR, PE, IE)

Course withdrawal refunds, minus a $25 administrative fee are issued only when written notified is received no later than 5 (five) business days prior to the first class session.  Refunds may take up to 15 days to process. For special Visiting Artist workshops the following policy applies:
SPRING ART WORKSHOP REFUND POLICIES:  Cancellation IN WRITING is required.  (Voice mail cancellations cannot be accepted.)  Spring Art 2014 Visiting Artist Workshops (identified by courses beginning with a “V” in the catalog) adhere to the following schedule:  Until January 6, 2014, a 100% refund will be issued, minus a $50 administrative fee.  Subsequently, NO REFUNDS can be granted.  The effective date of cancellation will be upon receipt of your written notification. Notification can be mailed or emailed to Refunds may take up to four weeks to process and are issued in the means payment was made to Ringling College of Art and Design.  You may substitute someone to attend in your place up to one week before the start of the workshop.  At the time of substitution, the person taking your place must register with Continuing Studies and pay a $50 administrative fee.  

Ringling College will not refund the cost of any unused portion of your tuition/fees.

Ringling College reserves the right to require persons not complying with College policies to leave the program with no refund.