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Many Ringling alumni have pursued careers in advertising. Now, students who are interested in entering this $400-billion-dollar industry are able to tailor their studies to this well-established but constantly changing field. While the goal of the advertiser remains the same, the technologies, channels of delivery and global marketplace promise new challenges and opportunities.

Successful advertising is a fusion of great design, business expertise and consumer psychology. You'll learn not only the formal and technical aspects of design, but also how to plan a campaign, evaluate an audience, develop a brand, and write compelling copy. In senior studio courses, you'll develop a portfolio that showcases your skills in research, idea generation, systems design, promotional packaging and interactive design.


Wexley ECD McAllister Visits RCAD

Cal McAllister, CEO and Executive Creative Director of the innovative Seattle agency Wexley School For Girls, spoke to the Advertising Design department recently. 

He provided several Wexley client success stories, all of which created lasting, ongoing, honest relationships between clients and consumers, using a variety of "non-traditional" methods to engage those most likely to be interested.

McAllister also reviewed our student portfolios.

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