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Senior Thesis Work

Ari Gabel
Tired of being Tired is a series of photographs documenting my journey into the Mississippi Delta.  I started this series with an interest in the blues music that originated from this area of Mississippi.  The passion that came from this music intrigued me so much that I want to go and hear the people tell me their stories, but after my first trip to Mississippi I felt lost. The Mississippi I had painted in my head was not the Mississippi I had walked into. Instead, I found a place filled with poverty, sadness, and racism that I thought was behind us.  I quickly became discouraged from continuing the series; however, I also found a group of people with a strong understanding for helping one another in hard times.

After considering where I wanted to go with this body of work I decided to document the people and the area that gave birth to blues music. These photographs are a portrayal of the people I met and the places I visited.  I want to preserve the stories of the people I photographed along with the places within the Delta region of Mississippi. 

Beyhan Siedow
I chose to do my thesis of the life of gypsies in Istanbul Turkey because of the deep emotional feeling I have for them and my enchantment with their life. This particular group is known as the Romanies where their roots started from India. No matter the circumstances their family is their number one priority, they are a culture very seldom viewed and so often misunderstood.

Damien Hickel
Recently I have been interested in mankind’s attempt to alter the natural world.  My research brought me to biological topics such as hybridization, genetically modified organisms and other forms of plant modification. These images are my visual response to these subjects.

Dylan Johnston27th
Growing up in Florida has allowed me to visit places rarely seen by tourists. In a state so heavily trafficked by people, I continually found myself exploring places lesser known. By getting away from the crowded beaches and busy roads, I found small towns with hard workers and a lot of history. This collection of images documents my time exploring areas in South Florida.

My aim was to show locals and natives in their environment, whether it was a python hunting trip in the Everglades, stone crab fishermen along the Gulf, or workers in a salvage yard on the East Coast. I wanted to show what is rarely seen, the natural environments and small towns where tourists rarely frequent and manual labor is the predominant type of work.

Jessica Sarah Ruth Selmser
Retroactively I found my thesis is my way of dealing with being alone without my friends and family back home. Alone with my mind and all the possibilities, I am putting the ideas in my head into photography. By manipulating photographs I am expressing how I project my anxieties and hopes on my environment. I have taken recent landscapes from my dreams and nightmares and have transformed them into physical pieces. By doing so I hope to release my fears of being alone. From impending doom or wondrous lands, I have been able to explore the world versus my mind.

Johanna BystedtRise
Humans have extraordinary power to be strong when faced with extreme situations both intimate and public. The ability to live through tragedies and loss and still move forward, rise above.

I am inspired by my past and the circumstances that brought me where I am today. My mother has had the biggest influence in my life, after divorcing my father, she and I moved to the United States with two suitcases and hopes to rebuild. Relying on each other was all we had at the time and she took great pains instilling in me the need to be an independent, strong woman.

This series is the illustrated expression of the strength in situational adversity and the rise from those depths. I chose to photograph the women around me, women who embody the same principles as my mother. These women of all ages who have gone through or will go through difficult times but have the inner strength to overcome it all.

Karen ArangoMiss Behave 
These girls, all between five and twelve years old, represent a specific group of the young female community in the United States. They are of Hispanic descent; their parents are immigrants in the US. Despite their age, they have a combination of beauty and confidence that intrigues me, and they show an inner strength that makes them extremely powerful individuals.

As I photographed them we established a connection, I was able to learn about their culture and I reflected on my own story as an immigrant female living in America.

Samantha Harthoorn
Being born and raised under the same roof, I have seen the structure of my house, as well as its surroundings, evolve over the past 20 years.  After ending my 18 year reign as an only child, I gratefully accepted the new life of my younger brother, Jacob.  With his presence in my house, seeing him grow up in the same structure I myself did, several childhood memories surfaced.  This collection of photographs was an effort to solidify my relationship with my brother, teaching him some of the importance of family, and the space that we share. Sharing parts of the past that made this place comfortable, I pass on my memories of the house that raised me, hoping someday Jacob will share these same feelings.