Academic Minors & Concentrations
    A concentration (sometimes referred to as an “area of emphasis”) within a degree program constitutes a minimum of 12 distinct and required credits. Courses within a concentration may not serve as electives for students following the concentration sequence, but may be counted as electives for students outside the major and/or concentration.

    A minor constitutes five courses, or 15 credit hours total, taken outside the specific degree program in which a student is matriculating. Transfer credits do not count towards a minor. A maximum of one course, or up to 3-credits, of the minor may also fulfill course requirements in the student’s major. When this is not the case, students will use their four open electives for the minor and will need to take one additional course to complete their 120 credit hour degree requirements with a minor (total of 123 credit hours). Independent Study courses may not replace a required course in the minor. Courses in all minors are offered on a space available basis and if there is sufficient demand. Some courses have prerequisites that must be taken in the proper sequence. Some courses may require a lab fee. Successfully completed minors will be recorded on your official transcript along with your declared major. Ringling College of Art and Design has the right to cap the number of students wishing to enroll in any minor each year.

    Minors should be declared after successfully completing the first course in the minor curriculum. When ready to declare your minor, see the Academic Advisor for your major who will answer any questions you may have and help you complete the appropriate Declaration form, and advise on steps to have your new minor added to your Ringling College transcript.

    Available Minors

    Photography and Imaging Minor Curriculum     5 courses, 15 credit hours
    STDA 115 Lens Based Communication
    PH 265 Art & Science of Color
    PH 275 Lighting I
    Plus 2 Photography Electives

    Fine Arts Minor Curriculum        5 courses, 15 credit hours
    FA 122 Conceptual Practices
    Upper-Level Art History Course
    3 Courses in Painting or 3 courses in Printmaking or 3 courses in Sculpture

    Business of Art and Design Minor Curriculum        5 courses, 15 credit hours
    BU 151 Organization and Management of Art & Design Businesses
    BOAD 201 Accounting and Finance for the Artist and Designer
    Plus 3 Business Electives

    Visual Development Minor Curriculum         5 courses, 15 credit hours
    EL 213 Figure Anatomy
    IL 311 Visual Development I
    IL 312 Visual Development II
    Select 2 courses from the following: 
    EL 354 Graphic Novel, EL 334 Advanced Computer Illustration, IL 490 3-D Modeling for IL, ELEC 315X Digital Ecorche

    Creative Writing Minor Curriculum         5 courses, 15 credit hours
    Story Fundamentals (select 1, 3 credits):
    CRWR 105 Story Fundamentals: Character*+ Visiting Writers Forum
    CRWR 106 Story Fundamentals: Plot*+ Visiting Writers Forum
    CRWR 205 Story Fundamentals: Scene*+ Visiting Writers Forum

    CRWR 111 Reading for Writers* (3 credit hours)

    Literature Course (select 1, 3 credit hours):
    EN 240 Contemporary Literature
    EN 241 A World of Stories
    EN 265 Hollywood Novel: A 20th Century Lit Genr.
    EN 330 LGBT Identities in Literature and Film
    EN 340 Literature of Comics & The Graphic Narrative
    EN 341 Children’s Literature
    EN 345 Literature of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction
    EN 382 Literature and Popular Culture

    CRWR 212 Story Workshop* or EN 245 Writing Creative Nonfiction (3 credit hours)

    Creative Writing Elective (3 credit hours)

    *These courses will be offered beginning in the 2016-17 Academic Year