Site Credits

    Creative Direction:
    Jennifer Mumford
    Director of Ringling College Design Center

    Brian Okarski, 2011

    Design Center

    Web Development:

    Infield Design
    Luis O. Hernandez
    Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Institutional Technology

    Content Contribution:

    Amy Fischer
    Associate Dean of Admissions

    Ann Lacertosa
    Director of Student Accounts/Bursar

    Carl Powell
    Director of Environmental Health and Safety

    Carol Slaton
    Administrative Assistant

    Cathy Gagliardi
    Executive Assistant to the President

    Chris Shaffer
    Director of Residence Life

    Christine Meeker Lange
    Special Assistant to the President for
    Media & Community Relations

    Cindy Weiss
    Assistant Bursar

    Cynthia Flanagan
    Assistant Director, Career Services

    Devinn Soudijn
    Records and Registration Specialist,
    Office of Advising, Records and Registration

    Diane Zorn
    Assistant Director of Continuing Studies and Special Programs

    Dina Sorrentino
    Development Analyst, Institutional Advancement

    Dick Dickinson
    Board Member, Sarasota Museum of Art

    Erin Smith
    Administrative Assistant, Admissions

    Heather Falat
    Development Associate

    Heather Gibson
    Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

    Heather Kushner
    Assistant Coordinator of Student Volunteerism & Service Learning,
    Student Life

    Holly Bagguley
    Coordinator, Longboat Key Center for the Arts

    Holly Siegling
    Internal & Online Communications Coodinator

    Janet Thomas
    Technical Services and Librarian, Verman Kimbrough Library

    Jekeyma Robinson
    Coordinator of Residence Life, Housing Operations

    Jennifer Awe
    Associate Dean of Students

    Jennifer Baker
    Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Jessica Falcone
    Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life

    Jim Graham
    Coordinator of Student Life Operations

    Jim Grove
    Associate Director, Human Resources

    Joanne Garbarino
    Advising and Registration Specialist, Office of Advising, Records and Registration

    Julia Friend
    Switchboard Operator

    Karen Wetherby
    Administrative Manager for Academic Operations

    Karen C. Bitterman
    Director, Englewood Art Center

    Kate Donahue
    Administrative Assistant for BOAD, DF, and LA

    Kenneth Mroz
    Associate Director, Counseling Service

    Laura Avery
    Assistant Director, Selby Gallery

    Laura Bopp
    Associate Director, Human Resources

    Laura Lamb
    Coordinator of Student Activities & Leadership Development

    Laurie Strothman
    Administrative Manager, Admissions

    Mahendra Parmar
    Accountant/Business Systems Analyst, Business Affairs

    Mark Ormond
    Coordinator of Student & Educational Support Galleries

    Mark Parry
    Faculty, Digital Filmmaking

    Mary Ann Carrillo
    Receptionist, Longboat Key Center for the Arts

    Matthew Andrzejewski
    Assistant Director, Center for Career Services

    Matthew McKinney
    Student Accounts Counselor/Cashier

    Megan McGowan
    Coordinator of Student Activities & Leadership Development

    Michelle Puls
    Coordinator of Recreation & Wellness

    Myrtle Owings
    Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

    Nancy Godfrey
    Administrative Marketing and Program Assistant for
    Continuing Studies and Special Programs

    Nancy Long
    Director of Counseling

    Pat Dixon
     HR Coordinator

    Phyllis Schaen
    Assistant Director of Career Services

    Rachel Levey
    Coordinator of Student Volunteerism & Service - Learning

    Reenie Page
    Office Manager, Student Health Services

    Rick Tubbs
    Director of Public Safety

    Ruth Chavez
    Associate Director, Financial Aid

    Sally Pettibon
    Faculty, Photography and Digital Imaging

    Sarah Carter
    Instruction and Research Services Librarian

    Sarah Walcutt-Febish
    Associate Director for Special Events & Alumni Relations

    Sharon Foxwell
    Administrative Assistant for Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs

    Stephan (Cody) Maple
    Design Center, Graphic Designer I

    Terri Arnell

    Assistant Vice President for
    Alumni Relations and Advancement

    Tim Jaeger
    Gallery Assistant, Selby Gallery

    Tracey Vinopal

    Mailroom Assistant, Student Life

    Tracy Stephanski
    Associate Dean of Admissions for Recruitment

    Valerie Strenk
    Administrative Assistant for AD, MD

    Vicky Pearson
    Administrative Assistant, Finance and Administration

    Virginia Demers
    Director of Academic Resource Center


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