For Accepted PreCollege Students

Information and FORMS for students ACCEPTED into PreCollege 2019:

Once a student submits their $500 tuition deposit, they will be emailed a PreCollege Welcome Packet. All of the forms that need to be filled out are in the PreCollege Welcome Packet and are due to the PreCollege office by May 31, 2019.

Please review the PreCollege Accepted Students Welcome Packet and submit completed forms and photos prior to May 31, 2019, retaining a copy for your records.

Please review and retain a copy of the PreCollege 2019 Student Handbook. Inside you will find what to bring, how to mail items to campus, how to contact campus in an emergency vs with a general inquiry.

The Form W9-S is REQUIRED for students who are US citizens or those file US Federal income tax. A 1098-T is issued for all qualifying fees paid.

Students MUST submit electronically a photo (headshot) that can be used for their student ID. Guidelines are in the Welcome Packet. 

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