2020 NCAA-ARTS Conference


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Seeing Through the Noise
2020 NCAA-ARTS Conference

What does noise look like? Can your eyes even see it?  Join us at the intersection of art and science as we explore the ways that truth, value, and authenticity allow us to behold what lies beyond the bedlam.

Seeing Through the Noise
NCAA-ARTS 2020 Annual Conference

October 7th - 9th, 2020
Ringling College of Art + Design
Sarasota, FL


Keynote Speakers:

Trevor Paglen
Trevor is an artist whose work spans myriad disciplines. His chief concerns are learning to see the historical moment in which we live and developing the skills to imagine alternative futures.

Ani Liu
Ani is a research-based artist examining the reciprocal relationships between science and technology and their influence on human subjectivity, culture, and identity.





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