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PreCollege Overview:

Application Requirements, Fees, and College Credit


To Complete the Application for PreCollege:
Applicants must be currently enrolled in 10th-12th grades, and should be between 16 and 18 years of age. Your application submission will include:
   Complete PreCollege Application Form
   Student personal essay of at least 250 words
   $50 Application Fee
   Letter of Recommendation from an art teacher or guidance counselor

College Credits

Successful students are awarded three college elective credits.

Application opens November 1, 2020. Early application is advised! We have rolling admission throughout the spring, and continue to accept applications for acceptance into the program so long as there is space in the program.
Applications for need-based financial assistance may be submitted separately, after you've submitted the application to the program itself. Deadline for applications for aid: February 26, 2021.

Make Friends, Make Art, Make Memories
Every summer, high school students from around the world come to Ringling College for an intense four-week art and design program that lets them experience a taste of college-level work and earn college credit. Participants all live in Ringling residence halls and get acquainted with our cutting-edge, professional facilities. The PreCollege curriculum is immersive and a lot is packed into four short weeks. Students develop a focus on projects and ideas. Classes and immersions are designed to encourage and support a concentration and flow to maintain a steady discourse within the group as a whole.

At Ringling College we believe in a holistic approach to living and learning. Students find a place where they belong and can help build a community of creators, storytellers, inventors, thinkers, and problem solvers. PreCollege students are required to attend all academic classes and co-curricular events and are encouraged to participate in a variety of additional Student Life activities that round out the PreCollege experience. The academic activities may include guest speakers, exhibitions, several free mini-workshops, field trips, presentations, as well as Open Studio time to complete assignments. These group interactions connect classroom concepts to real life, strengthening the educational/artistic experience.

Wherever your PreCollege experience leads you, you’ll have Ringling College faculty and student teaching assistants offering valuable guidance every step of the way. You’ll learn how to analyze and discuss your work and the work of others in a supportive setting. Focused dialogue and evaluations will help you to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your artistic practice. And those discoveries will bring you to the next challenge—applying what you learn to what you do. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of college-level artwork, a stronger portfolio for college applications and scholarships, and a number of lasting friendships.



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