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Learn to combine creativity, logic, and design in our Virtual Reality BFA degree program – the first of its kind in the world.

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Design a better world with our immersive reality degree.

In our Virtual Reality program, students are pioneering the revolutionary medium of VR and expanding use of the metaverse. Learn to create an immersive reality that can inform, educate, entertain, and change the way we think about industries including healthcare, architecture, education, media, and more. Whether you create a safer work environment, champion social justice and reform, or help people recover from trauma, the virtual reality degree will allow you to be a catalyst for positive change. Virtual Reality Development graduates will join a multibillion-dollar, rapidly growing industry. Make your impact on the world by reimagining and redefining the ways we intersect immersive reality, design, technology, critical thinking, and creativity.


Virtual Reality Development at Ringling College

Student Work

Senior Thesis Projects

Real Project Proof

Moffitt Cancer Center and Ringling College Bring VR to Cancer Patients

Ringling VR students and the acclaimed Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa teamed up in 2019 to develop creative content for digital healthcare technologies, including virtual reality, animations for patient education, and training videos for physicians. Patients receiving radiation treatments, for example, are now able to immerse themselves in VR and experience what the treatments will be like before they happen. Check out our Blog to learn more about this exciting intersection of creativity, technology, and design!

Ringling Students launch Wet Dog Corp. with Flight School at SXSW

Wet Dog Corp. is a simulator-style game set within a megacorporation that pays you to wash dogs. It’s a simple task… until it’s not! VR students mentored by the award-winning team at Flight School created the game while learning the essentials of pre-production, asset creation, and game design. Ringling students in other majors, such as the Business of Art and Design, also collaborated on the project. 

VR across industries

Virtual Reality Development graduates will find opportunities across many different industries. Here are a few examples of employers that are available for our grads:

General Motors
Baobab Studios
Kinetic Vision
Epic Games
Immersive Health Group
3D Forensic
Mote Marine Labs
Vu Studios
Halon Entertainment
WIN Reality, Inc.

Art and Design
Education + Training
Interior Design
Military + Law Enforcement
Real Estate
Tourism and Travel

Opportunities for students

Grads in the Industry

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