Ringling College Communications

Ringling College Communication Strategies

Need help with a project or event?  We're here!


This is what WE do: 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Institutional Campaigns & Messaging
  • Institutional Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Web Development and Management
  • Motion Graphics/Digital Design
  • Event Filming & Photography
  • Video & Closed Captioning 
  • Social Media Strategies & Campaigns 
  • Digital Signage on Campus 
  • Faculty & Staff Newsletter
  • Faculty Digital Asset Support
  • Presentation Design
Press & Media (Contracted Services)
  • Press Releases
  • Interviews
  • Press for Events
  • Event & Media Coverage 
Primary Audience
Prospective Students/Parents
Secondary Audience
Current Students/Faculty/Staff
Board of Trustees
Tertiary Audience

Here is what YOU do: 

1. Request project or event support. 
Submit a ticket outlining all of your communications needs to get your request in the queue: http://www.ringling.edu/request
*For print design and collateral, contact the Design Center. 
2. Talk strategy with us.
Once you submit your request, we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help provide what you need and the best combination of our services for your project and to meet your deadlines.  
3. Let’s Go!
Now that we’re all on the same page, our project manager will begin to coordinate all the pieces and we can start rolling out your project together! 

Still have questions? Email us at communications@ringling.edu.


Our Team

Lisa Moody, Int. Director for Marketing and Digital Strategies, Director of ART Network
Holly Siegling, Asst. Director of Communications
Chelsea Garner-Ferris, Editorial Manager & Copywriter 
Marquee Doyle, Senior Productions Manager 
Joe Granato, Video Content Creator
Eddie Ryan, Digital Designer for Communications 
Jeremiah Boucher, Web Developer 
Cayla Miraglia, Social Media Specialist
Maureen Williams, Communications Strategies Assistant
Andrés Paz, Communications Generalist

Recap & Review

The time has come. You know who we are, what you need, and what to expect. Click on one of the options below to request services for projects of all levels, from large-scale events involving all of us to those simple-but-pesky website updates.

Step 1 - Submit:  Request a Service or Project  or  Request an Update to the Website

Step 2 - Review:  SOP for Writing & Proofing Your Project  (not required for Website Updates)

If your project involves writing content, please review our SOP for Writing and Proofing. We have some resources you may not even know you have access to, such writers, editors, and even an approved proofreader who is amazing at catching all of those easy-to-miss errors and inconsistencies before a piece is sent to the design phase. 


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