Progress Report: New Goldstein Library

Progress Report: New Goldstein Library

Written by Nick Sierra, Illustration ’17, Ringling College of Art and Design

Earlier this month, faculty and staff had the change to tour the new library and find out all the good stuff happening in there!

There are three floors: the first floor will be available to students 24 hours, the second floor will house the Academic Resource Center, and the third floor will be the quiet floor where students can work in silence and focus with no distractions. There are several terraces with spectacular views of the bayou and the Ringling Campus! There will be lounge type seating so students can relax and a coffee bar for a good cup of joe. Other rooms in the library include two computer labs, a large multipurpose room, and a student workroom. And with more space, more books will become available to students and visitors alike.

Social Media student worker Nicolas Sierra had the opportunity to chat with Kristina Keogh, Director of Library Services, about progress and plans for Ringling College’s newest addition.  

N: When will the new library be open and available to students?
K: The new library is projected to be open January 9th when the spring semester starts. There will be an opening event Ringling students can participate in.

N: What will the new library have to offer for students?
K: What I’m seeing the library now is all possibility. It is going to have spaces, resources, services, all of these things that can help students and ensure they are successful while they are here at Ringling. It really is a place where you can expand your learning environment. I see it as a safe space, a space where you can experiment and learn.

N: Are there any collections of books that could not be seen before, soon to be available at the new library?
K: We do have a special collections center that will be in the second floor, so we will be able to display more books, and books from storage that will be taken out and placed in the new library.

N: Does the new library have any ecological or outstanding attributes worth mentioning?
K: It is a green building, and is very much a building that brings the outside in and the inside out.

N: Is the new library secure?
K: We are working with public safety so that a security guard will be staffing that space during overnight hours. We also are working with different systems so that it would be card swipe access after hours.

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