Ringling Alumni Work on Academy Award Winning Films, Win Oscars

Ringling alumni Patrick Osborne directed "Feast," which won the Academy Award for Best Short Film, Animated.   "Big Hero 6" won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Led by Ringling grad Jason Figliozzi, he and 28 other Ringling alumni worked on and contributed to it's success.


Disney's Feast won the Academy Award for Best Short Film, Animated.  It was directed by Ringling Alumni Patrick Osborne, Computer Animation, class of 2003. 

Osborne, who joined Disney in 2008 as an animator on Bolt, has also worked on such titles as Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled.  He was also on the team that produced the 2012 Oscar winning short Paperman.  


"Big Hero 6"

Big Hero 6 won the Academy Award for Best Animation Feature Film. Heading up the animation team for Big Hero 6 was Ringling alum Jason Figliozzi, who oversaw a team of about 80 animators, with 28 of them being fellow Ringling grads.  

Ringling College alumni that worked on Big Hero 6:
Sarah Kambara (business of art and design, 2014)
Joon Shik Song (computer animation, 2013)
Lindsey St. Pierre (computer animation, 2013)
Matt Sullivan (computer animation, 2012)
Zac Cavaliero (computer animation, 2011)
Ramya Chidanand (computer animation, 2011)
Justin Sklar (computer animation, 2011)
Robert Showalter (computer animation, 2011)
Mike Klim (computer animation, 2010)
Yezi Xue (computer animation, 2010)
Ryan DeYoung (computer animation, 2009)
Jorge Garcia (computer animation, 2009)
Christopher Hendryx (computer animation, 2009)
Lauren Leffingwell (illustration, 2009)
David Lisbe (computer animation, 2009)
Emily Tse (computer animation, 2009)
Kendra Vander Vliet (computer animation, 2009)
Kim Hazel (computer animation, 2008)
Brandon Holmes (illustration, 2008)
Jason Figliozzi (computer animation, 2008)
Katie Reihman (computer animation, 2008)
Chris Nabholz (computer animation, 2007)
Fernanda Abarca (computer animation, 2006)
Alex Garcia (computer animation, 2006)
Nara Youn (computer animation, 2006)
Brian Scott (computer animation, 2004)
Chris Cordingley (computer animation, 2003)
Patrick Osborne (computer animation, 2003)
Michael Stieber (computer animation, 2001)
James Finch (illustration, 1994)

Congrats to all Ringling alumni who worked on and helped these films achieve success!

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