Ringling College among 15 Best Schools for Filmmakers

15 Best Film Schools In The U.S. To Become An Award-Winning Short Filmmaker

Miniflex has just come out with its list of the top schools to attend for those wanting to become an "award-winning short filmmaker" listing Ringling College of Art and Design among the best options. The criteria? Schools that have won the most Student Academy Awards in the last decade.

Ringling College, which has won 14 Student Academy Awards total, boasts nine from the decade alone. According to the blog, "All 9 wins came in the animated category, making Ringling the king of short animated films. The formula for success? Incredibly talented (and decorated) faculty, state-of-the-art focus on the latest entertainment technologies and incredibly driven animators who have gone on to work for some of the biggest names in animation (Pixar, Blue Sky, Halon Entertainment) and win many more awards than just the Student Academy ones."

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