Ringling College Health & Wellness SAPHIRE Program Wins International Award!

Last week, members of the Ringling College Student Life Health & Wellness department traveled to Montreal, Quebec to accept the ACPA’s Commission for Wellness 2016 Outstanding Wellness Program for Students Award for SAPHIRE: Sexual Assault Prevention & Healthy Intimate Relationship Education.

According to The American College Personnel Association (ACPA), “This award recognizes an outstanding wellness program geared toward students. Wellness programs encompass many areas including, but not limited to, physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, and intellectual dimensions. The recipient of this award will be an innovative program that has wide-reaching influence on student wellness on campus.”

Dr. Brian Mistler notes, "It speaks to the amazing community at Ringling College that so many students, staff, and faculty have come together behind such a positive message. Dr. Nancy Zlatkin and Melanie Stawkey have clearly helped to create something excellent here. And, Dr. Tammy Walsh, our Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, our President Dr. Larry Thompson, and our Board are beacons in the field for their focus on the physical and mental health of our students and consistent support for our professionals to stay on the forefront of national engagement with these important issues."

The Ringling College SAPHIRE program aims to educate the campus and community about resources available for students who have been survivors of sexual assault or other gender based discrimination, for bystanders and secondary survivors, and for any student or staff member who wants to learn more about how to develop healthy intimate relationships. The program helps to:

1) Educate the RCAD community.

2) Spread awareness about sexual assault.

3) Empower the student body to be proactive bystanders.

4) Create a campus climate that promotes healthy relationship behaviors and interpersonal effectiveness.

SAPHIRE also sponsors or co-sponsors several campus events and programs throughout the year to provide education and to generate awareness. For questions contact counseling@ringling.edu or visit health.ringling.edu.

Congratulations to our Student Life Health & Wellness team!


From left to right:  Gavin Henning, President, ACPA; Melanie Stawkey, Coordinator of Recreation and Wellness, Ringling College; Dr. Brian Mistler, Director of Health Services, Ringling College;  Cindi Love, Executive Director, ACPA.
Not pictured, Dr. Nancy Zlatkin, Associate Director of Counseling, Ringling College, and co-award recipient.

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