Ringling College Honors 2016-2017 Trustee Scholars for Academic Brilliance and Leadership in the ‘Capitol of Creativity’

Ringling College of Art and Design held its 22nd Annual Trustee Scholar Awards this weekend to honor 13 stand-out students in each academic major as well as Student Life. This year’s awards theme highlights the work of Ringling College students, graduates, faculty, staff and supporters and their ongoing efforts in establishing the region as a ‘Capitol of Creativity’ by consistently pushing the envelope of creative innovation and pursuit of work with value, brilliance, and originality.

“Trustee Scholar is the highest collegiate honor awarded by the Ringling College Board of Trustees,” said Ringling College President Dr. Larry R. Thompson. “Trustee Scholar’s exemplify the originality, talent and work ethic required for success within their respective areas of study, as well as exceptional leadership and citizenship to the Ringling community.”

“Since the inception of the Trustee Scholar awards over two decades ago, we have seen our award recipients and their classmates go on to achieve unparalleled success and make valued contributions personally and professionally to their fields,” continued Dr. Thompson.  “We take great pride in recognizing our Trustee Scholars in their senior year as they prepare for their futures as drivers of our new creative economy and leaders of the ‘Capitol of Creativity.’”

As the ‘Capitol of Creativity’, The Ringling College community is an authority in the world of art and design, supported by the numerous recognitions and awards won by student, alumni and faculty for their work around the world. 

Every year, the Ringling College of Art and Design Board of Trustees awards the Trustee Scholarship to the students who best illustrate dedication, originality, ambition and talent in their field of study. In addition to the extraordinary recognition, Trustee Scholars also receive a $5,000 monetary award, funded by the Ringling College Board of Trustees.

The 2016 Ringling College of Art and Design Trustee Scholars are:

ELLEN ARNOLD - Computer Animation
PAIGE BAUER - Business of Art and Design
STACEY D’ANDELET - Graphic Design
KHOA DUONG - Photography and Imaging
KYLE LEICHT - Student Life
TESS MESSINA - Interior Design
JUN CHENG ROBSON TAN - Advertising Design
ROBIN THOMPSON - Illustration

Trustee Scholars were nominated by the head of each academic department as well as the Office of Student Life. Trustee Scholar nominees were forwarded to the Board of Trustees for final selection, based on the following criteria:

1. Exceptional talent and distinction of mind
2. Contribution to the department, College, and community
3. Continued demonstration of leadership, citizenship, and mentorship

Please join us in congratulating these future leaders in the ‘Capitol of Creativity’.

Group Photo Legend: (Hi-res image as well as individual scholar photos available at this LINK.)
Front Row, Left to Right: Ellen Arnold, Kyle Leich, Celia Nogales, Khoa Duy Duong, Stacey D’Andelet, Paige Bauer and Jun Cheng Robson Tan.  Back Row, Left to Right: Philip Gleichauf, Griffin Goodman, Nick Marten, Tess Messina, Robin Thompson and Jake Wojenski.
Photos by Matthew Holler

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