Ringling College Hosts World Premiere of "My All American" with Writer/Director Angelo Pizzo and Producer Paul Schiff

Last night the campus of Ringling College was humming with excitement as film patrons, students, enthusiasts, and media attended the world premiere of My All American, written by Angelo Pizzo, produced by Paul Schiff, and starring Aaron Eckhart. Pizzo (Rudy, Hoosiers) and Schiff (My Cousin Vinny) attended the premiere as part of a weeklong master class for Ringling College film students – an integral part of the Ringling College Studio Lab which connects students to professional, world renowned players in the film industry.

But Pizzo and Schiff weren’t the only two representatives of the film in attendance that night. Two Ringling College alums – Harrison Stagner and Nick Lennon – who were tapped to work on the set of the feature film were also present to share their experiences and learnings from working with the pros. And the two industry mavens had nothing but good things to say about their engagement with the crew and their contributions to the project.

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