Ringling College Visits South Korea

Ringling College Visits South Korea

This summer, Ringling College visited South Korea with a team that included Dr. Larry R. Thompson, Seongwoo Nam, Sunmi Bong, Jim Dean, and Jamie Coffey. They traveled throughout Seoul for 10 days to speak with schools, organizations, corporations, and media about Ringling College of Art and Design.

Here are some highlights:

Accepted Students Day, Seoul
A huge thank you to our 10 amazing Ringling College student volunteers who attended and worked the event: Junkyoo Han, Sanghyun Kim, Yujeoung Lee, Ga Young Choi, Jin Hee Ma, Seo Young Won, Sohee Hwang, Bo Ram Kim, Yeji Kim, and Ki Young Kim.

On June 11, Dr. Thompson and Seongwoo met with nearly 130 guests at Accepted Students Day in Seoul! This included 35 accepted students, 62 family members, and 14 interested students and their families. The Q & A went late into the night, and a lively discussion was had by all.

Accepted Students Day 2016


Educational Institutions
For five consecutive days, Dr. Thompson visited, toured, and spoke with the communities of several colleges, universities, and high schools in Seoul.  The welcoming nature of the people of South Korea was felt in every moment, as was the desire to engage in discourse surrounding the role of creativity in society and the immense value of an art and design-focused education.

Colleges & Universities

  • Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): the team met with the VP for Planning and Budget, the Head of the Industrial Design department, and a member of the Industrial Design department. Dr. Thompson then delivered a lecture to the students, faculty, and staff.
  • The Graduate School of Culture and Technology: The Chairman of the School and a professor met with the delegation to discuss opportunities to work together.
  • SUNY Korea: the team was welcomed by the President of SUNY Korea and took a tour of the facilities.
  • Sejong University: the day at Sejong was spent meeting with the president, vice president, and Dean of the College of Art. The group discussed collaboration opportunities over lunch, followed by a special lecture delivered by Dr. Thompson to students, faculty, and staff.

High Schools

  • Korean Animation High School: after meeting with the principal and selected teachers, Dr. Thompson delivered a lecture to approximately 300 students, followed by a tour of the school. 
  • Seoul Visual Media High School: Dr. Thompson delivered a lecture to nearly 200 students, in addition to taking a school tour and sitting down with the principal, vice principal, selected teachers, and students.
Educational Institutions          


Galleries, Museums, & Exhibitions
The team met with the president of Kukje Gallery, Hyunsook Lee, and the Director of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea, Bartomeu Mari, to explore areas and opportunities for future collaboration. These important connections were made possible by Anne-Marie Russell, Director of the Sarasota Art Museum, and the team was granted special access to the current exhibitions at each institution.

Galleries, Museums, & Exhibitions          


Exposure to Korean Media

During his trip, Dr. Thompson also sat down with Korea Economy Daily (akin to the Wall Street Journal in South Korea) to discuss “Creativity; the important role of design education for the future.”  This was a great highlight to the trip, as the interview was far more of an intellectual exchange between Dr. Thompson and the two journalists than a traditional interview:



View translated article in English (PDF)


Korea Economy Daily Interview          


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