Rise and Run Project Shows Projected Sea Level Rise

The installation of ‘Rise and Run’ will take place on Lido Beach in Sarasota, Florida on Monday September 26 and run through Wednesday, September 28th. ‘Rise and Run’ is an environmental art installation designed by students at Ringling College of Art and Design to demonstrate sea level rise on our Gulf Coast beaches in 2030 and 2050. The installation will consist of a series of flags showing high tide lines on Lido Beach in 2030 with a 6-inch sea level rise and in 2050 with a 2 to 3 foot rise. Flags will also mark the current high tide line so that visitors can actually experience the full length of the RUN of sea level RISE.

The concept of the installation was created by Ringling College of Art and Design Environmental Studies Professor Tim Rumage III.  Ringling College students and volunteers will install and be manning the project from 9am-5pm on Monday and until 6 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday on the northern third of Lido Beach to explain and answer any questions. The installation on the North West corner of Lido beach is the closest part of the beach to St. Armand's Circle.

“All too frequently, sea level rise is discussed only in vertical terms, but the horizontal implications - or the run – how far inland the tide lines moves – has not been given the same level of consideration,” said Mr. Rumage. “For many communities it will be the implication of the run that will make the seriousness of the issue hit home.”


Photos by Nancy Nassiff


The installation was developed to emphasize the immediacy and the scope of change that sea level rise will bring to Sarasota. The design of the project creates a very visual display of something that can be difficult to imagine or truly comprehend. The purpose of ‘Rise and Run’ is to awaken the community to change that is rapidly coming so that we can begin to understand the problem and stimulate open discussion about how to face it.

There are potentially extreme environmental, social and economic impacts that sea level rise will generate in our region which go beyond homes and property values and include wildlife, fisheries and endangered species concerns as well as general quality of life.

The project will be reinstalled on Siesta Beach in October.

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