Alumni Exhibition
Jan 26, 2019 – Mar 03, 2019


Signs from the Interior, a Ringling College-International Center of Photography exhibition, held its opening reception in New York City on January 25th and will be on display until March 3, 2019.  This exhibition features Ringling College alumni that have participated in the ICP program while studying here at Ringling.


Since 2009, Ringling College has sent one Photography & Imaging student each year to New York City to study at the International Center of Photography, the world’s leading institution for the practice and understanding of photography. At ICP, they are exposed to world-renowned faculty, challenging ideas, and a diverse group of international students.


Signs From the Interior features alumni of this program, artists who never studied together, but established a special connection through the shared experience of having participated in ICP’s yearlong certificate program.

More About the Exhibition

Identity is a fundamental catch-22: it is everything we are and anything we are not. It is what you think of yourself and all you hope you will never be. It is contained by things over which you have no control, and built on every choice you make. It is every cause you embrace, every label you reject, and, as paradoxes go, it is airtight and fail-safe. For even when you forsake a concept such as identity politics, are you not still fully engaged in the politics of identity?


The works in Signs from the Interior explore how photography figures both in the construction, deconstruction, and contradiction of who we are as well as how we display who we are to each other. We have all seen a zillion selfies in which friends and acquaintances radiate with the high-octane confidence of movie stars. Yet what if people were to present themselves in a more vulnerable state? Would they not be projecting a stronger degree of self-possession? What if they chose to obscure or manipulate their own appearance? Would they be hiding behind something or seeking a deeper truth?


Karen Arango, Bill Ellis, Angie Garcia, Miles Goscha, Mariana Greif, Kathryn Harrison, Rachel Kuzma, Rebecca Morrello, Charles Robbins, Alyson Smith, Athena Torri


Kathryn Harrison

Hours & Admission

Jan 26, 2019 – Mar 03, 2019

10 AM–6 PM

ICP School, 1114 Avenue of the Americas

Free of charge

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