Clubs and Programs

Clubs and Programs

D.E.E.P. Program Information

The Diversity & Equality Education Program (D.E.E.P.) is an educational certificate program that strivesto educate the campus community on diversity and inclusivity. This program focuses on educating students, faculty, and staff about recognizing and confronting microagressions and bias, as well as increasing awareness for underrepresented populations.

D.E.E.P. host a series of “Conversations” each semester that introduces and provides information about specific topics and fosters an environment for safe dialogue and communication. Please see the flyer below for upcoming “Conversations.” Also, check D.E.E.P. out on Ringlink for additional events!

D.E.E.P Conversations


Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)

SOCA is an organization dedicated to providing support and building community for students of color and their allies, as well as raising awareness throughout campus.




The International Cultures Club

The ICC celebrates and promotes international and cultural diversity and understanding on campus through the organization of diverse cultural and educational events. For more information, please contact ICC’s advisor, Amy Pettengill, at



Veteran’s Club

The Veteran’s Club is a student leader organization that allows students who have served in the military to discuss their experiences and how it connects to their art. It also helps connect Veterans with resources available. For more information, please contact Veteran’s Club advisor, Joanne Garibino, at



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