Email: slc@ringling.edu

Learning Specialists: 1-hour appointments
Monday - Thursday 9 am - 8 pm
Friday 9 am - 4 pm

Student Consultants/Tutors: 30-minute appointments
Sunday - Thursday 7 pm - 11 pm



  • Who can come to the Student Learning Center for help? 

    • The SLC is free and available to ALL Ringling students.

  • Are students required to come?

    • No one is required to come to the SLC. It is totally up to the student.

  • How long are appointments?

    • Appointments with Learning Specialists are 1 hour and appointments with Student Consultants are 30 minutes.

  • How often should a student come to the SLC?

    • Students come when they need help. Some students come once a week, but others only come once or twice before a big exam.

  • Do you offer tutoring for studio classes?

    • Tutoring for studio classes is handled through the departments, so students should contact instructors if they need help outside the classroom.

  • What happens during an appointment?

    • One thing that does not happen - we do not do the work for you. 

    • We do make the appointment fit you and your learning style.

    • Some students may need help editing a paper while others may need help memorizing 50 works of art.

  • Will you communicate with my instructors for me?

    • No, but we will help you write an email or practice a conversation with them.

  • What if the Time Management plan we create does not work?

    • Come back to see a Learning Specialist and work together to modify the plan.

  • Can you help with anxiety during presentations or critique?

    • We cannot cure anxiety, but we can teach you techniques to deal with it while making a presentation.

  • Will you talk to my parents and explain how difficult the work is at Ringling?

    • No, but we will help you role play a conversation with them.

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