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Ringling College Social Media Sharing Policy
Anything posted on official Ringling College social media sites–by the administrator or followers–should be in good taste and appropriate for all audiences. Photos, comments, videos and stories shared on social media by users may be reused by Ringling College on other platforms. Ringling College reserves the right to hide or delete comments that are deemed by the page administrators as inappropriate. These comments include but are not limited to political endorsements or banter; outside links; mudslinging or defamation; off-topic messages, advertisements and promotions of any sort; or SPAM.  For Ringling College students, faculty, and staff, our Responsible Use of Electronic Communications Policy also supports this.

Email with any questions.


Social Media Policy on Civil Discourse
Free expression is central to Ringling College’s mission and, more broadly, to an arts education. Active, open, civil debate is essential to the exploration of new ways of seeing and thinking on our campus. We believe Ringling College is enriched and made stronger by engaging with a wide variety of worldviews, opinions, and ideas, including voices that are often in the minority.

We maintain a policy that prohibits profane, threatening discussion or commentary that insults or attacks an individual or group by name or other clearly identifying characteristics. We will also filter out spam and any content that is obvious advertising.  Our policy will be to “hide,” such content, making it visible only to the person who posted it and their online supporters. In cases where the commentary is deemed egregiously inappropriate, we will delete the content. In addition, we uphold the Terms of Service standards administered by Facebook, which encourages all users to utilize the "Report" links for abusive content at

Our motivation is to support free expression and stimulate robust discussion while discouraging misuse of our social media networks.

User Privacy Policy
You participate in Ringling College’s social media accounts at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your user name, and any information provided. Please do not post personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. Comments advocating illegal activity or violating copyrights or trademarks are prohibited. Comments expressed on Ringling College’s social media accounts do not reflect the opinions or position of Ringling College or its administrators and employees.

Terms of Use

While Ringling College has its own policies related to social media, each platform has its own rules and policies, and page administrators should be aware of and abide by them.

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