Email: slc@ringling.edu

Learning Specialists: 1-hour appointments
Monday - Thursday 9 am - 8 pm
Friday 9 am - 4 pm

Student Consultants/Tutors: 30-minute appointments
Sunday - Thursday 7 pm - 11 pm



Justin Farris, Computer Animation, ’11

“The Center was the most important asset available to me at Ringling. I had a heavy workload and was determined to keep my grades up in order to keep my scholarships. The Learning Specialist helped me with my liberal arts classes, so I was able to focus on my animation, which led to a job at Pixar immediately after graduation.”


Lisa Hammes Stause, Interior Design, ’15

“I initially sought help from the Learning Center during my freshman year to improve my study skills and found myself excelling academically, which I had never done before. I attribute graduating with honors to my application of skills I learned from the Learning Specialist. They showed me how to succeed in such a caring and enthusiastic way.”


Maxwell Kennedy, Photography & Imaging, ’17

“Time spent in the Learning Center was time well spent. Writing is not my strong suit, so my grades were suffering and not really reflective of my true ability. The Learning Specialist assessed my needs and helped me develop my own unique skill set to improve my writing. This helped me achieve acceptance to grad school at Goldsmiths University of London.”


Daniel Jeffers, Fine Arts, ’18

“Without support from the professionals at the Learning Center, I would never have graduated. As a veteran with no college experience, I was in over my head, but they encouraged and supported me every step of the way. I recommend all incoming students take advantage of all the support and guidance they have to offer.”


Sunghee Park, Illustration & Visual Development, ’19

“As an international student and Davis scholar, I can’t say enough about the support from the Learning Center. My understanding of English in written and spoken forms increased dramatically over the four years I worked with a Learning Specialist. In one hour, we could accomplish what would take me four or five hours to complete on my own. Now I have the confidence to develop my art career here in the U.S.”


Matthew Royal, Illustration, ‘19

“As a person on the Autism Spectrum, communication and organization in school have always been big problems. But the Learning Specialist was so patient, even when she had to remind me about an assignment many times. She helped me to build the skills and confidence I needed to speak to my instructors and I even learned to make presentations in front of the whole class.”

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