Fall Updates

Update: Fall Semester 2021

Ringling College is pleased to announce the much anticipated return to campus and in-person learning for the Fall 2021 semester.

Our Creative Community

The learning and engagement facilitated by having in-person interactions with faculty and fellow students are at the core of a Ringling College of Art and Design education. Indeed, it is Ringling College’s culture and why we are so exceptional. Our studio-based curriculum is designed around the foundational belief that the skills and concepts needed to become discerning visual thinkers and ethical practitioners in art and design are best delivered and received through the in-person, hands-on learning experience. Additionally, the many life and leadership skills fostered by the vibrant on-campus experiences that we provide as part of our commitment to developing the whole student are critical to preparing you for life and successful careers.

Although our incredible faculty and staff were able to find creative ways to deliver our uniquely immersive curriculum and student life programming remotely at the continued level of excellence expected from a Ringling College education, that modality, for the reasons above, is not optimal. We have also heard the concerns of students and faculty about the need for the social aspect and intricacies of skills development that can best happen in physical classroom, studio, and lab settings. Ringling College is at its heart a community of creatives who are best able to develop to their highest potential in environments that foster collaboration, co-creation, and spontaneous idea generation. Despite the advances of modern technology, that is why we believe in-person experiences remain the best way to educate our students. 

Face-to-Face Instruction

Now that effective COVID-19 vaccines are more widely available, we will therefore resume face-to-face academic instruction for classroom, studio, and labs beginning in Fall 2021. Our faculty and staff have done a tremendous job creating a plan that returns us to the face-to-face experiences for which we are world-renowned while mitigating the risks of COVID-19 as much as reasonably possible. Although our preference would be to hold all of our courses in-person, we do need to ensure that we are adhering to CDC guidance, including physical distancing protocols. For that reason, it is possible that a number of Liberal Arts courses may have to continue to be delivered remotely.

Temporary Accommodation of Remote Academic Work

Although we are firmly committed to offering as much of the Ringling College experience in-person to you, our students, as we can, we recognize the very real restrictions and safety issues that some of our students are facing in this COVID-19 era.

For the Fall 2021 semester only, some Ringling College students may require remote coursework, including: (1) those students with medically significant barriers presented solely by COVID-19, with medical documentation as required, or (2) International Students who, through no fault of their own, are unable to obtain the mandated documentation for travel and admission to the United States. For these special circumstances only, we will provide an option to take classes remotely for the Fall 2021 semester. Students who require this option will need to complete and submit this Request Form by midnight ET on June 30, 2021. Please note that not all courses on our schedule can be delivered remotely. In addition, taking courses remotely in Fall 2021 may impact graduation timelines. We strongly encourage students requesting this option to discuss potential ramifications with their advisors.

A committee has been established to review every request and accompanying documentation to determine the eligibility for a temporary accommodation of remote academic work. This committee will be co-chaired by the Director of Student Access Services and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Additional details will be communicated to new and returning students in the next few weeks. Please continue to check your Ringling emails and the website for updates. 

Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 Academic Calendar

Fall semester classes will begin on Monday, August 30, 2021.