Frequently Asked Questions


    Breaks/Break Housing

    Do the Residence Halls close during breaks?

    Yes.  Residence Hall rooms without kitchens close during Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks.  We do offer summer housing options, which requires an additional contract and fees.

    Where is Break Housing for First-Year Students?

    The buildings that are designated as Break Housing for First-Year students are Appleton, Idelson, and Harmon. Only first-year students that live in these buildings will be able to stay on campus over winter and spring break.  

    Do I need to move all my belongings out during the breaks?

    No. It is not required for students to move their belongings out of the room during breaks. Students are encouraged to bring home items that they did not utilize during the semester. 

    How do I sign up for Summer Housing? 

    Ringling students that are interested in Summer Housing should go to Residence Life to fill out a Summer Housing Contract. Assignments will be made prior to Summer break. 

    Non-matriculating students that are interested in living on campus should contact Residence Life at



    What furniture is provided in the residence hall rooms?

    Every bedroom includes a bed, desk or drawing table, desk chair, wardrobe or closet and chest of drawers.  Apartment style units with kitchens typically include refrigerators, oven/stove unit, dining table, sofa and an entertainment center.  All Cove rooms come with a micro-fridge, which is a microwave/refrigerator/freezer combination unit.

    What size are the mattresses?

    The mattresses are XL Twin (36 x 80).  

    Can I bring a microwave and refrigerator?

    Microwaves less than 600 watts and refrigerators less than 4.0 cubic feet are allowed. Mini-fridges are provided for students that live in the Cove, and our Break Housing Buildings: Appleton, Idelson, and Harmon.

    How much storage is there below the beds?

    The loftable beds can rise to 3 feet, allowing for 3 feet of storage below them.  They do not have to be at this height.  Keating Hall and Bayou Village do not have loftable beds; however, these beds have two drawers at the bottom.

    Can I bring my own bed into the room? 

    Every bedroom on campus is furnished. We do not typically allow students to bring their own beds. For more information on things to bring/not bring, go to this page.

    Mail/Mail Services

    Can I ship items to Ringling before I arrive?

    Yes, you may ship items before you arrive.  The mail room does ask for items not to arrive any earlier than one week before you arrive.  The address to ship to is: 

     *Students Name 

    1130 Greensboro Lane 

    Sarasota, FL 34234  

    You are not required to have a room number or box number.

    Who can I contact with my mail needs?

    You can visit the Mail Services page, email them at, or call them at (941)-309-4101

    Meal Plans/Dining Services

    For more information on meal plans, check out our Dining Services Page

    Is the 19 Meal Plan required for all first year students?

    For all first-year students living in a traditional residence hall room without a kitchen, the Ultimate 19 Meal Plan is required.

    Where can I learn more about the menus offered on campus? 

    You can view the menus at our Dining Services provider's website

    How do I change my meal plan?

    You can add or change your meal plan by emailing us at with your request.

    Please keep in mind that certain students who live in certain buildings are required to have a meal plan, and should look at the "Meal Plan Requirements" section of our Dining Services page. 

    Off-Campus Residency

    Historically, we have maintained a database of private listings to assist Ringling College students in their search for off campus housing in Sarasota.  In recent years, abuses by predatory internet users have caused us to discontinue this Sarasota student housing list.

    We have found that students seeking information for Sarasota off campus housing have had good results by using commercial property managers, rental agencies and web-based apartment listings. 

    Regardless of your choice to live off campus, please consider checking the crime statistics using online resources such as to search for a specific street address or area for crime related activity over a period of time.

    Email us at if there is any way we can be of assistance in your search!



    Are first year students permitted to bring a car?

    Yes, first year students are permitted to bring a car, as long as they register for a park pass (more information below). Some students may get around using bicycles, the public bus system, or by sharing rides with their friends. 

    How do I get a Parking Pass?

    Visit Public Safety's Vehicle Registration and Forms page to find information on getting a parking pass. 

    What if I want to bring my bike?

    Students will bring their bikes to campus to use. We encourage students to view Public Safety's Bicycle Policy and Bicycle Registration Form. Completed Bicycle Registration forms can be turned in to Public Safety in Harmon Hall.

    It is also worth noting that students who bring their bikes on campus should purchase a bicycle lock to secure their bike to the racks located around campus. 

    Pet Policy

    Can I bring/get a pet for my room on campus? 

    Ringling College does not allow any pets other than fish. The fish tank must be 10 gallons or less. 

    Room Assignments/Placement

    Are all first-year students placed in Goldstein Hall?

    No. First-year students are placed in Goldstein, Appleton, Idelson or Harmon Halls. 

    I requested to live without a roommate, will this be granted?

    While we try to accommodate all requests, we have a very limited number of single rooms for first-year students.  Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served, basis.  The earlier you return your Housing Contract, the better your chances are having your request met.

    Where will transfer students be housed?

    If available, transfer students will be housed in upper-class student areas.

    When will room assignments be made available for first-year students?

    First-year students room assignments are typically made available on August 1st.  They will be able to view them using their self-service account at