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Frequently Asked Questions

    What furniture is provided in the residence hall rooms?

    Every bedroom includes a bed, desk or drawing table, desk chair, wardrobe or closet and chest of drawers.  Apartment style units with kitchens typically include refrigerators, oven/stove unit, dining table, sofa and an entertainment center.  All Cove rooms come with a micro-fridge, which is a microwave/refrigerator/freezer combination unit.


    What size are the mattresses?

    The mattresses are XL Twin (36 x 80).  


    Can I bring a microwave and refrigerator?

    Microwaves less than 600 watts and refrigerators less than 4.0 cubic feet are allowed.


    Where will transfer students be housed?

    If available, transfer students will be housed in upper-class student areas.


    Are first year students permitted to bring a car?

    Yes, but it is not necessary - students find it easy to get around using bicycles, the public bus system, or by sharing rides with their friends. 


    Do the Residence Halls close during breaks?

    Yes.  Residence Hall rooms without kitchens close during Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks.  We do offer summer housing options, which requires an additional contract and fees.


    How much storage is there below the beds?

    The loftable beds can rise to 3 feet, allowing for 3 feet of storage below them.  They do not have to be at this height.  Keating Hall and Bayou Village do not have loftable beds; however, these beds have two drawers at the bottom.


    When will room assignments be made available for first-year students?

    First-year students room assignments are made available on August 1st.  They will be able to view them using their self-service account at


    Are all first-year students placed in Goldstein Hall?

    No.  First-year students are placed in Goldstein, Keating, Appleton, Idelson or Harmon Halls.  The first 100 males and first 100 females to return a housing contract with a preference of a double room will be placed in Goldstein Hall.


    I requested to live without a roommate, will this be granted?

    While we try to accommodate all requests, we have a very limited number of single rooms for first-year students.  Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served, basis.  The earlier you return your Housing Contract, the better your chances are having your request met.


    Is the 19 Meal Plan required for all first year students?

    For all first-year students living in a traditional residence hall room without a kitchen, the Ultimate 19 Meal Plan is required.


    Can I ship items to Ringling before I arrive?

    Yes, you may ship items before you arrive.  The mail room does ask for items not to arrive any earlier than one week before you arrive.  The address to ship to is: 

     *Students Name 

    1130 Greensboro Lane 

    Sarasota, FL 34234  

    You are not required to have a room number or box number.