OmniMusic Terms and Conditions



Omnimusic(TM) is copyrighted music provided under license agreement to Ringling College of Art and Design faculty, staff, and students. You are entitled to use Omnimusic(TM) selections as background music in various types of audio-visual media productions. Production work must take place in the United States, its possessions, or in Canada. The rights conveyed by this agreement exist in perpetuity for productions made during the term of this agreement. 


  • MAY be used by mechanically reproducing and synchronizing the music, in various types of broadcast and non-broadcast audio-visual media productions, including productions available on the internet. 
  • MAY be used in commercials and public service announcements for regional and local television and cable networks 
  • MAY be used in productions submitted to student competitions and festivals 
  • MAY be used in Ringling College's recruitment productions 
  • MAY be used in student documentaries
  • RINGLING USERS MAY duplicate and distribute up to 1,000 copies of any non-retail production, or up to 100 copies for retail sale of audio-visual media containing Omnimusic(TM). 
  • BUT MAY NOT be used in national television network commercials, 
  • MAY NOT be used in cable or terrestrial television network series, 
  • MAY NOT be used in entertainment programs distributed in commercial movie theaters, 
  • MAY NOT be used in any "pornographic" productions, 
  • MAY NOT constitute the primary value of any production. 

RINGLING USERS MAY NOT make copies of the music libraries for others, may not re-license or otherwise transfer the music to any third party except as an integral part of an audio-visual production. 

"Broadcast rights" DO include: 

  •  Broadcasting productions with Omnimusic(TM) on radio, television and cable stations and networks. 
  • Distributing productions using Omnimusic(TM) throughout the world. 

"Broadcast rights" DO NOT include: 

  • Rights of broadcast public performance, which are administered for Omnimusic(TM) by ASCAP and BMI. 

At the termination of this license agreement or any extensions of this agreement with Ringling College, files which you may download from Omnimusic(TM) server remain Omnimusic(TM) property and must be returned to Omnimusic(TM) or destroyed by you. You are legally responsible for the unauthorized use of any files provided to you after the expiration of this agreement. 

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If you have questions about licensing or usage guidelines, please contact Jennifer Friedman in the Library.