Disabilities Services

Student Access Services Office

Located in the Academic Resource Center            
2nd Floor Alfred R. Goldstein Library
Virginia DeMers, Disabilities Services Provider (DSP)

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In keeping with our institutional value of diversity, community and the whole student, Ringling College of Art and Design provides a variety of support services to all students and appropriate accommodation to students with documented disabilities. Because needs vary according to the situation, accommodations must be requested and renewed for any semester when students will need them. 

Accommodations are arranged by a staff Disabilities Services Provider (DSP). Currently all inquiries should go to Virginia DeMers. We hope the information here will inform students and families about documentation, procedures and personnel. Please contact the office with further questions. 

Use the links to the left to learn more about registration, documentation and the process of accommodation.


New Students

All new students seeking accommodations must meet with a disabilities services provider (DSP) to complete the process and receive accommodations. Students new to Ringling College should begin by contacting Virginia DeMers, who serves in that capacity. 

With their parents / guardians, students should review the information on this site about procedures and documentation. Appointments can be made through the link at the top of this page and phone calls and email queries are welcome (information is below). 

Special event: The Disability Services Office and the Academic Resource Center present a special orientation time for new students with disabilities. Watch for more information about the 2017 workshop will occur on Wednesday, August 16 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on the first floor of the Alfred R. Goldstein Library. Details are available in the Orientation Schedule on the campus portal. 


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Returning Students NEW PROCESS

Beginning fall of 2017, returning students who have been satisfied with the services they received in previous semesters may renew their accommodations by email—provided they are not requesting changes in the previous agreement. We will be happy to help you initiate that process and welcome your questions. If you encounter challenges, feel free to contact us or drop by the ARC for help. Of course, if you prefer a meeting or want to change your accommodation agreement, you may schedule a meeting. Remember that accommodations need to be in place as early as possible in the semester. 

Prospective Students

Students and parents are welcome to contact the Access Coordinator by phone or email or to use the appointment link to schedule a meeting in person. Within the year, interested students will be able to register and get more information through our new access management system called AIM. Watch this space for more information.

Accommodation Process

Step-by-step from notifying the Office for Accessibility Services to receiving and reviewing disability services. 


What information is needed from whom to confirm a student’s need for services and support specific requests. 

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The ARC staff provides all Ringling students with one-on-one customized instruction in test preparation, time management, writing, and reading. Like all Ringling students, students with disabilities will be enrolled in challenging classes that require skills and expertise in these areas, so they are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these invaluable services. 


Academic Technology

You may have heard that Ringling College surpasses most art colleges in providing and teaching software for art and design. Additionally, Accessibility Services and the ARC have partnered in developing a list of digital tools, software and apps, many of them free or very inexpensive, that help students with tasks from managing time to studying for tests and even text-to-speech and dictation. Available technology begins with your new MacBook. 


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