Documentation of a Disability

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Documentation of a Disability

In keeping with our institutional value of diversity, inclusive community and the whole student, Ringling College of Art and Design provides robust support services to all students and appropriate accommodation to students with documented disabilities.

Legally a disability is any condition which creates substantial limitations in daily activities for an individual. Often disabilities pose more challenges in some circumstances than others, and sometimes circumstances can be modified in ways to minimize the limitations. But in many situations adjustments must be made specifically for the individual with a disability—and those are called accommodations. In college, accommodations are made to provide students equal access to all college-sponsored activities and events, especially to classrooms and instruction. To receive accommodations for those situations, students are asked to provide documentation.   

At Ringling, students whose access to buildings, instruction or campus activities is limited by a disability should contact the disabilities services provider (DSP) in the ARC / Accessibility Services to discuss their needs.  Documentation begins with those discussions, which may sometimes verify the need for certain services. Other times, further information from professional evaluations may be required to establish and explain the basis for requests. Information from health care and other providers, if available, is always useful to the DSP who needs to understand the effects and consequences of the disability as well as the diagnosis and recommended accommodations.


Useful documents may include

  • IEPs (individualized education plans) from elementary and high school

  • 504 plans

  • Psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluations

  • Letters from physicians or other providers about diagnosis, treatment and recommended services.

  • Diagnostic reports and updates

For disabilities due to medical or mental health illnesses, the DSP can provide a questionnaire to help providers understand students and their needs.

Students and guardians with concerns about documentation or any other aspect of accommodation should contact the DSP. We want to be of service and can almost always help.

Please scan and email whatever documentation you have to the email address below. Students / guardians should maintain copies of any documents for their own records.  


Download Documentation of a Disability


For more detailed information, please contact:

Virginia B. DeMers

Director of the Academic Resource Center and Disabilities Services Provider

941 359 7627

Suggestions for the sorts of documents useful for specific disabilities are also available on request.

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