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Certificate Program Application

Certificate Program Application

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I have read and understand the following FIVE policies and procedures, and by checking the box below, indicate my agreement with all statements.

1. I have read the Policies and Procedures of the Certificate Program and will comply.
2. I understand that I must earn a course evaluation of "Satisfactory" and maintain required attendance to apply a course toward the certificate.
3. I understand that a $25 certificate fee is applied to EACH COURSE taken toward earning a certificate.
4. I understand that completion of a Certificate Program could take two years, but may take as many as four years.
5. I understand that certificate courses are non-credit and are not transferable to an academic degree program or professional license.

Teacher Recommendation


Compared to other students you have taught/counseled, how do you rate this student in terms of:

Feel free to write whatever you think is important about this applicant, including a description of academic and personal characteristics. We appreciate any insight into the candidate's readiness for college, maturity, special talents, motivations and leadership potential.


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