Ringling College Creates

Expert Art and Design Video Tutorials

Invite award-winning Ringling College faculty into your classroom.


We are proud to present our new series of art and design video tutorials. In Ringling College Creates, our award-winning faculty members share their expert techniques for drawing, painting, designing, and more. Start learning today, or use these videos in your classroom to supplement your curriculum. 

  • Perspective Drawing Tools
  • Perspective Drawing: Fundamentals of 2-Point Perspective
  • Perspective Drawing: Incline & Decline Planes
  • Perspective Drawing: Initials in Perspective
  • Drawing a Vehicle: Part I
  • Drawing a Vehicle: Part II

...And more to come!

  • Creative Composition
  • Color Theory
  • Digital Painting Techniques
  • Creative Writing Prompts



Perspective Drawing

Discover the tools, fundamentals, and techniques for Perspective Drawing from Ringling College Illustration faculty member, Caleb Prochnow.















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