New Student Orientation Service Project: Mural Painting

    Mural Painting at Orientation

    Join in a mural project to help transform communities. Pick up a brush and paint a breath of fresh air into the lives and facilities in the neighboring communities. Learn new painting skills while getting to know about your peers and local non-profit organizations.

    2010 Student Murals

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    Previous Murals

    Reflections from Mural Painting Participants

    Something I learned today is…

    • If you have a great idea you can make beautiful art with many people
    • How to work with many people without being in the way
    • Mistakes happen
    • How quickly a project can be completed when worked on collaboratively
    • The YMCA offers many services to those in need
    • I learned to cooperate and share space with a lot of people
    • Prevalence of last minute executive decisions regarding color format in mural composition
    • Volunteer work can be fun!
    • The types of things the YMCA does for the community
    • With teamwork anything is possible
    • The people at Ringling are very talented
    • Mural painting is fun
    • I’m going to have a blast at school
    • Mural work is done better in groups
    • A powerful feeling of several people doing something at the same time to be creating a painting for others to see
    • The ‘cooperation;’ many people help each other to draw and finish the painting

    I wish we had more time to…

    • Get every detail perfect
    • Hang the panels
    • Learn to paint
    • Talk to the people I did meet
    • Get to know each other
    • Do projects like the mural as a big group

    I was surprised about…

    • There being many smaller sized boards rather than one big one
    • How quickly we were able to finish
    • How interesting the Orientation Leaders are
    • How well these colors work to bring out the pictures and catch your eye
    • How polite and helpful everyone was
    • How simple yet effective the design is
    • How well the project looked after it was finished
    • How quickly we finished it
    • How fast the time seemed to go by
    • The seriousness of people about their work
    • Simplicity of the project’s completion
    • How nice the mural turned out
    • How many people came to help
    • The design, but it looks great
    • How cooperative everyone was
    • How planned out the murals were, it was so easy and turned out to be awesome!

    This experience was meaningful to me because…

    • It was really interesting and fun to be a part of
    • I know I helped with something so large as a mural
    • I got to talk to a lot of older students
    • It will be enjoyed by many people
    • I enjoy helping and contributing
    • I was able to help using my painting skills
    • I got to meet people and had fun working on a project for the community
    • It helped me meet more people and help a good cause
    • We helped a community teen center
    • It let me get to know people and how to be involved in the community
    • We worked in teams and it was an art project that everyone contributed to.
    • I love to help and I really enjoy painting
    • It was my first time painting a mural
    • It’s for a good cause
    • Other people will see it and appreciate it
    • It helps children who are in need of a good place to build confidence and protect from abuse
    • I learned more from my fellow artists
    • I got to spend time with my classmates
    • It was fun
    • It’s my first time mural painting. Pretty cool.