New Student Orientation Service Project: Environmental Clean Up of the Campus Whitaker Bayou

    Environmental Clean Up

    of the Campus Whitaker Bayou

    Work with environmental specialists cleaning intrusive objects from the Whitaker Bayou Canal adjacent to Ringling College of Art and Design. This project is near and dear to several Ringling College staff and faculty members. You might get wet!

    Reflections from Bayou Clean Up Participants

    Something I learned today is…

    • A lot of people don’t throw away their trash
    • Not to throw things in the water
    • Garbage is everywhere!!
    • It’s easier to do things with two people than one
    • It’s not worth throwing garbage in the wrong place
    • Even though it seems clean, there’s still a lot of garbage
    • Working together, things get accomplished easily
    • Every little bit counts
    • Don’t pollute the bayou
    • It’s fun helping clean the earth
    • The campus needs to be cleaned on a regular basis
    • People really need to watch how they treat the area

    I wish we had more time to…

    • Clean more areas
    • Get more of the garbage
    • Help out
    • Plant flowers
    • Sort trash as recyclables
    • Test the water
    • Look at animals
    • Talk about the club
    • Get more of the campus done
    • Clean
    • Sleep and keep the planet clean
    • Get more nets and tools

    I was surprised about…

    • Everyone’s dedication
    • The amount of trash everywhere
    • What people throw away
    • How quick we worked
    • The amount of people who showed up to help
    • How much litter people throw near trash cans
    • People willing to get in the bayou
    • Finding a bike
    • The amount of wildlife
    • The TV in the water
    • The humidity
    • All the trash
    • How friendly everyone is
    • The lack of alligators

    This experience was meaningful to me because…

    • It was a group effort
    • I helped take care of my local community
    • I worked together well with others
    • I met people
    • I hadn’t done something like it before
    • It emphasizes responsibility
    • The environment needs to be preserved
    • It was helping the environment
    • I got a chance to make a difference
    • We helped the environment
    • Gave me a better chance to know fellow students
    • I got to help the community
    • We saved part of the world